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  1. Umm you dont actually really use the pistol if you look at the rotation logs you use bomb grenade and mortar kits, not pistol. Pistol is filler. Why even have a weapon equipped you dont use as primary damage. Maybe you people dont understand what i said. You dont use pistol as a primary damage weapon, you use kits. I rather shoot pistols than have to use grenades and bombs, lets face it shooting looks better than carrying a bomb, it aesthetically pleasing. Shooting dual wielded handguns is not viable in any content outside of open world
  2. While I have a thief and an engi neither have a viable spec with pistols. Engi dont even use them they just equip them and never shoot them, just go into kit spam! Really disappointed thief has no viable pistol spec either, its rifle deadeye, staff DD, with pistols as an afterthought for those few times you cant be stacked. Even warrior dont have a viable option for main weapon pistol. I really want to use pistols since you didnt give ranger a rifle or pistols and untamed is a trainwreck because of hammer, I had hoped my thief or engi could make use of them , but sadly no.
  3. As a raider I can assure you we are not the ones complaining about mech.
  4. Better nerf harb virt weaver ren too since they benchmark above mech. 🤣 I main mech and ranger the same problems that plague ranger pets plague mech. The AI is still wonky half the time it dont obey commands the skills can be slow to fire off. I also have a necro and my minions are superior to both ranger and mechs
  5. If someone would have said the gw2 forums would be a hot topic of fishing 3 months ago, I would have laughed them off the forums. My god how fishing has become the top content for a lot of people.
  6. I actually like the strikes, the only one that is dang hard and a mess of mechanics is harvest temple. The rest are interesting but not hard, but Minister Li needs a bit of tuning anet! His charge range is far wider than it should be. Meaning the area on the sides when he does that charge goes further out than the hitbox or even the spell display. That needs to be tweaked.
  7. Well judging by the lol'ing im going to assume its a dead promise at this point. Well there goes my hopes
  8. Did this even go live? I have not noticed anything different
  9. Mapping is a big issue now, and its not just dragons end but the other meta map as well. We have half our squads stranded and cant get into any map. I thought with cloud we were beyond this map full fiasco . I have no issue with the meta being hard, minus some rng mechanics of the boss. My issue has always been linking the turtle to an extremely hard to complete meta. Once the turtle is unlinked it should allow most people to get one. But yeah map issues are becoming a nightmare. Did they not account for a lot of player activity in these zones? I mean most maps are full, so maybe up th
  10. There were a couple of sections I didnt care for, but the overall was good, and the final part was amazing
  11. So the issue is no one sees anyones dps so I can stand there autoattacking and no one know. I think they should put a big banner in on boss fights that says...Congratulations your group failed to meet the dps check of this boss try again. That way no one can point fingers but you know who you are.
  12. How is it a good thing when fights like dragons end require a certain level of dps to beat? An optional meter is not the end of the world dont toggle it if you dont want to. I have been in many sub 5k groups that are failing the boss, they cant even get her to 20% in the time allotted, that is an issue. If you dont know what your output is then you can slack and the damage drops like a stone then you have another failed event. The meters are not the bane of the playerbase, the players that dont understand their damage contribution are. You dont know if you are doing 2000 dps or 20000 dps and
  13. You made killable kitties ! You evil people! we have never been able to kill cats what is wrong with you?
  14. They dont care its a mess on different levels. It should be story driven, not some raid boss you have x amount of time to kill it in when half the people are sub 5k dps and you cant get a breakbar to save your life, while the dragon spins to win.
  15. Dig a little deeper into that link, they are talking monetized mobile games. Not mmorpgs like wow or gw2 or FF. Mobile games are cheap throwaway games, people who play games like GW2 play for the long haul. The majority of players in this game that buys mounts and skins are regular players, yes the whales spend more per person but we all buy. I buy mount skins and packages and im not a whale. You cannot compare mobile gamming to games like wow and GW2 and FF ect, its apples and potatoes man.
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