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  1. I had a similar encounter, but my group had two points where the enrage happened. First was when we started fighting Minister Li after beating the Ritualist, Mindblade and Enforcer. On this attempt, we were down three DPS, the first dying to Minister Li and the other two while fighting Mindblade, Ritualist, and Enforcer. When we got back to Minister Li, he one shot everyone with the explosion mechanic, but I noticed the attack indicators were different. Second time it happened, we made it to the Mech/Sniper part where the Sniper jumped to a tower and when the group fighting her wer
  2. Efficiency was working fine for me just now and the Wiki was showing that it worked when I used it on there.
  3. This was an issue during Beta too. My friend's Ranger pets kept blocking my 3 skills if they were before my friend.
  4. Does Endless Night still only hit one Ally? If so, makes sense they don't want the first half to hit multiple allies.
  5. My only disappointment is I can't play til late in the day because of work. Hopefully my friend will hold off so we can start together, but their more excited about the update than I am and can't wait to play the new espec. I thankfully get a holiday off that Tuesday tho, I can try to catch up while they sleep.
  6. I am very much like the latter person. Had to have a friend do spider cave missions for me. Also can't hunt Nerscylla and Rakna-Kadaki by myself in Monster Hunter. Have to always ask friends or my brother to join me while I sit in camp or explore areas that they don't travel to until they are killed. As for Spiderman, we do when it involves Manspider, but I don't think that has happened in the movies yet. I've had to have friends do the first boss of Ascalon Catacombs by themselves when I did the dungeon. I still can't do that boss room.
  7. Because there is no official release stated and the 28th is the last day of the month. Retailers will use the last day of the month as a place holder to be able to say "sometime in this month".
  8. Their Healing, Elite, and Utility skills are dependent on what Legend they channel IIRC.
  9. I had a lot of fun with it during the Betas. Almost have enough Hero Points to unlock it as soon as EoD and I plan on taking it through EoD story with a friend.
  10. I've no idea how much I have left, but I am on my last piece of the Saddle collection (and I am at like 30% of the currency I need to buy it, at least this map is fun, Dragon Fall). I've almost quit the Skyscale quests overall because of this part. Its not even about it being a grind, its just so daunting. If I didn't have the Return To achievements, I'd probably take two or more years to have finished what I have managed to finish simply because I dislike staying on one map for more than a few fights. I've been at it for a little over a year, starting it late in 2019, but being pu
  11. Druid's splash art doesn't have pets either. https://wiki.guildwars2.com/images/8/8c/Spec_image_Druid.jpg
  12. Image of new espec was shown during today's livestream. (Chance link might get deleted. Not mine) Should get a twitter post about it soon I think.
  13. The Tuesday before the Friday Livestream showcasing all three especs for the following Tuesday's Beta. So Tuesday Oct 19th. We'll get either Engi or Ranger silhouette this week.
  14. It'll be account bound. You'll have to remake Sunset and Twilight from scratch to forge a sellable Eternity.
  15. All of our main hand weapons have a 3 skill without an offhand. Sword 3 with no offhand is Stab, with Pistol it's Pistol Whip, and with Dagger it's Flanking Strike -> Larcenous Strike. Dagger is Twisting Fang (no OH), Shadow Shot (p), Death Blossom (d). Pistol is Repeater (no OH), Shadow Strike -> Repeater (d), and Unload (p) Scepter will get No OH 3, Dagger OH 3, and Pistol OH 3. Reason a number of thieves prefer more OH weapons is because of this. Dagger, Sword and Pistol will all get new 3 skills while the new OH gives a 4 and 5. (Number of new skills stays
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