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  1. If we're taking casual play to an extreme, I guess the gen 2 ones because you can't just buy those off the TP? But for the topic, I am hopeful they add unique skins for the WvW/PvP ones. Think the reason they haven't is probably staffing restrictions as the perfect envoy stuff was literally made as a reward to promote raiding; the other two were nice addons for those of us that aren't heavy PvE people.
  2. This really. Most statues of this size aren't this cheap, and I can imagine this one is a mold because of the open pre-order window on it--typically a lot of the more expensive ones are limited in quantity, which wouldn't be good when you are promoting an expansion for an MMO. Do wish we had more shots against a non-blue background or a video outside of the reveal one where it was being held and shown briefly.
  3. Might just be me, but GW2 is the one MMO where I've never felt the need for an alt. I mean for muling, sure, but never felt the need to actively play more than one character at a time. The entire game seems to revolve around NOT having alts--from the 'my story' journey to the birthday gifts being per char to a lot of things back in the day being soul bound. Maybe its my age though and willingness now to just pay for whatever I don't have instead of park alts at farming spots 🤷‍♂️
  4. I dunno what you are going on about. Anyone can do this burst without a 20 button 'MMO' mouse lol--just not in the time shown in the video. I mean if it was a macro you need one button... Also the constant cries about how OP soulbeasts / rangers are in topics that have nothing to do with class balance (like this one) shows how bad the WvW community really is...
  5. You gotta read my whole post--never said they used GS (because it's impossible from the footage), but did say if they had the reaction time would have been difficult. My old CM Storm serves me fine for GW2; I don't need 20 buttons on a mouse to know the sequence of events in the video is unlikely without setting up a macro.
  6. The reaction time on GS Swoop that quickly would have me questioning, but if you look when they are BM'ing you--they are holding a bow, meaning there can be no way to have weapon swapped from LB to GS and back in the span of 3 seconds. So definitely a macro, which I believe is technically an exploit under anet's rules--but we have blatant botting in WvW with no repercussions so probably little they will do here unfortunately.
  7. Even though smoke assault will teleport you to your target, the range at which it happened is a little suspect. It's hard to tell from the video but it looks like there was more than 750 units when rapid fire was going on, so had to be a macro that timed it exactly or something odd happened. Looks like Rapid Fire + Sic Em' + OWP => Smoke Assault => Wordly Impact; the rotation is fine but as mentioned before the speed of execution and especially the range on the port to insta-down is really weird. I've never actually seen that myself, usually sic em' rangers will rapid fir
  8. Anything you don't enjoy can be considered a grind... Also, I've been playing for nine years, I didn't say it took me nine years to get legendary armor; in that nine years I've also amassed almost 2k mystic coins (total after crafting all armor pieces of one weight) and 300 mystic clovers without clover gambling. They're just materials for 'future use'. As for exotics being 'good enough', I think it wholly depends on how often you build swap. Playing WvW I play around with builds all the time, and re-crafting exotics or re-rolling ascendeds gets way too expensive fo
  9. Bring swiftness skills until you can train the mount--it's how we had to get around prior to mounts being a thing. In fact, I would learn your class pretty thoroughly before going into WvW because you need to know your role. Learning everyone else's class isn't super important as long as you understand basic game mechanics and also have a basic idea of what to expect in each encounter. After that, really the only things you need to know are camps are easy captures for solo, towers for small groups, keeps for larger groups. It doesn't get too much more complicated t
  10. That build is hardcountered by avoiding the burst; this is the reason no one likes Mag though...
  11. Just making mounts vulnerable to CC would be enough I think. Why anyone would want to remove gliding I have no idea--what does it even do other than straight up QoL improvement? 😄
  12. Double Bearbow Core Ranger is the hardest spec to master
  13. I think it's just because of the legendary armory. Kind of hard to use the armory with no legendaries, so you can progress multiple at once doing the seasons of dragons event.
  14. Literally everything added to the game can be considered a 'patch'. Thanks for the enlightening topic though.
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