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  1. Long term sustain needs nerfing more. Short term sustain doesn't. So healing skills themselves are generally fine. Prot durations are fine.etc.... But long term "ticking" sustain needs significant nerfs. They need to reduce regeneration durations, reduce further all the traits that provide passive additional healing and increase the cooldown of some mobility skills that allow for excessive kiting with minimal skill required. The worst thing I can say about the current state of the game is that it is very boring. I am sure anet can see how much their pvp population has collapsed since it became
  2. You speak so much truth. Unfortunetly this game has about 6 years of terrible decisions to unpick, which is a huge undertaking and not really feasible at all. They need to continue to reduce everything in pvp.Both passive damage traits, passive condi traits, passive cleansing traits, passive boon generation trats and passive healing traits should be further reduced....and significantly. There are still many builds with 3 passive healing/regen traits which just grant way too much sustain for example. They need to start work on another "huge" patch which just nerfs all the passive proc traits in
  3. 5 ATs in a row I have had trolls/leavers and been stuck in queue because of this stupid swiss system lol. Good job killing your own game anet.
  4. People leave after 1 game anyway, so swiss tournaments are a complete fail. ATs will be dead within weeks probably. Amazingly bad decision to add swiss tournaments. 3 tournaments in a row we lost 1 game and my team left. So I just quit doing them now. This would not be a problem with single elim. :)
  5. Lol.It's obvious especially since only unranked 5v5 has been available since patch that third decap +1 bot is definitely the best. Their also ruling 2v2 destroying bunker core necro's, condi revs and fb's with no issues. OP has got to be trolling. Thief is far from a +1 bot if you have good mechanics.
  6. They can easily just nerf life steal and unholy sanctuary and it wont matter much to non-OP builds. Doesnt even need much. Rev is much better than necro in every department anyway The problem is over nerfing. You need to be really careful since in the past they were too easy to kill. You don't want them to be free kill anymore.Yeh I agree. But I think unholy sancturary is a bit of an oversight as there isn't enough counter play. And life steal just needs nerfing like they nerfed all healing. Not bu that much though. Minor nerfs will be enough. Other classes hopefully get nerfed too so necro i
  7. They can easily just nerf life steal and unholy sanctuary and it wont matter much to non-OP builds. Doesnt even need much. Rev is much better than necro in every department anyway
  8. If you are going to do balance later in the month then please bare in mind that thief is pretty clearly the best 5v5 class given their mobility, sustain, damage, CC, evades and stealth.
  9. Pretty sure ANet straight up said there’s a massive disparity in performance between top players and the other 95% of the population. The comment was about PvE and raid dps output. But there’s no reason to believe it’s any different in PvP. The game does a kitten poor job of teaching players how to rotate, prioritize or even what’s good choice strategically and what’s a no no. You are 100% right. It's not any different. It was the reason given when DuoQ was restricted in the first place. Top players stacked together represent like maybe 000000.1% of the total active population, give or take.
  10. Yeh, I had some issues with the mesmer to be honest. So strange numbers, but in the end the numbers clearly showed it was OP.
  11. Maul: Reduced power coefficient from 1.75 to 1.5.14,3% nerf :) Should have been 30%. It needs to be 1.25 Don't pretend you wouldn't be here making the same exact post if that maul had been 12k instead of 16k XD We got peeps in other threads complaining about sub-10k numbers from WI and Maul, so basically anything you die to should be nerfed and people won't stop crying until no one ever dies. Oh wait we got that post HoT bunker meta, and then people cried that no one died and game was slow and boring so devs wanted to make things "feel dangerous" again and up crept the power since. It's lik
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