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  1. Last I saw, sometimes people on the Guild Wars subreddit discord organize a time to play and crowd out the bots.
  2. Agreed. This suggestion has come up before it the past. We should make some noise about it again.
  3. Ironic that this subforum's description is "Discuss the massive battles of the Mist War" then.
  4. Dang I didn't get selected. Gonna quit playing now because it's clear Anet doesn't care. (/sarcasm)
  5. Metabattle isn't bad. Many of the builds are the same or similar to the builds you find on those other sites. You still have to understand the build and what the intent of it is. They tend to be a little less min/maxed than what you'll find on snowcrows or discretize for the less experienced player. I suspect that the reason Metabattle may be considered to have troll builds is only related to early on in the site with the WvW builds. At the height of GvG, guilds held their secret sauce close so putting a similar build that didn't work as well on Metabattle could throw other gui
  6. Be patient. It'll be announced when Alliances are announced. Edit: This post may contain sarcasm.
  7. It's just IP.Board, which has been around forever. One might say Warframe copied it from other Invision forums if you're going to go that route.
  8. Mods are going to want to start merging these threads.
  9. Embedding images is possible in IP.Board (as is BBCode and/or Markdown). They just don't do it here for some reason. Maybe it is an oversight.
  10. Been happening not only in WvW but PvE maps as well ever since Wednesday's patch. Jun 10 16:41:19 error: intercepted crash from gw2 assertion fail Jun 10 16:41:19 error: assertion: "..\..\..\Engine\Gr\GrBound.cpp", "(m_sphereRadius + TOLERANCE >= m_boxExtent.x) || (m_sphereRadius + TOLERANCE >= m_boxExtent.y) || (m_sphereRadius + TOLERANCE >= m_boxExtent.z)", 94 Edit: I notice there's a new nVidia driver 466.77 released just today so going to install that and see if there's any more crashes.
  11. There isn't anyone to offend though. The only modern living population that could possibly take offense is the Copts who are the actual descendants from Pharaonic Egyptians. Their Christian culture no longer resembles that of Ancient Egypt. The ancient symbols of an emperor who was considered a literal god just don't resonate with them anymore where offense would be taken. Compare with wearing an American native feather head dress, which still has a living cultural meaning.
  12. Those aren't in North America. Mexico is.
  13. It still isn't cultural appropriation though. You want to be mature, then use an actual definition of cultural appropriation rather than willy-nilly extending it to everything and mistaking historic artifacts and pride in history for living culture. There is nothing similar nor culturally ancestral at all between Modern Egypt and Ancient Egypt. Do your own research before telling others to do theirs.
  14. No, they're saying that the main issue will be white female humans and chonky norn appropriating from a culture that's been dead for thousands of years. (Edit: Just in case it wasn't clear, that's not how cultural appropriation works, usually requiring a non-dominant living culture that's been marginalized or oppressed.)
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