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  1. You summed up well the experiences for what players commonly call "lag". Just over the weekend during reset there was of course the server lag caused by the server having to calculate through all the combat of zergs colliding. I was on the other side of the map and the server wasn't acknowledging the catapult skills even. That's definitely Anet's side of things and why they've done things over the years like reduce map capacity and performed optimization passes on skills. I anticipate that they'll need to review skills server-side again after EoD drops. I'd combine other things
  2. It's the small scale WvW stuff though where you find it. Also seeing a lot of flamethrowers out there.
  3. That's fair to not be fine with the way I wrote it. All the drawbacks of the skill are just not what I was talking about though so it bothered me to feel like you were twisting my point about the removal of the main counter to that skill. Retaliation was an OP counter and in the past people discussed having some sort of ICD on it. Now that it is removed completely, what are viable counters to grenade barrage? The current damage players are doing is right back up there with the old 100nades build pre-2013 (back when Grenadier reset the barrage cooldown when using grenade kit). It's not t
  4. Your point is inconsequential. Surely you're not saying that those other drawbacks are what made grenade barrage stronger, are you? Those drawbacks have been there for years too. So you can throw your grenades faster with a trait... And yet it was the removal of retaliation that made the skill stronger in relation to balance that is now making people complain about it. I haven't seen anyone complaining about faster grenades! Would be nice if you could not lose the plot on skill balance with inconsequential tangents.
  5. I don't know if the issue is PvE/PvP split. Retaliation was removed entirely so any skills that it formerly countered would need to be looked at.
  6. So because I was talking about the old retaliation as the former main counter and biggest drawback to grenades, you want to now discuss every single other drawback to grenades and say I'm lying? I was talking about skill balance, not an enumeration of all the drawbacks of a single skill. None of those drawbacks you listed have anything to do with a change made in another part of the game that suddenly makes a core engineer skill or trait overpowered in relation to others. Am I lying when I say that this is not the first instance of a core engineer trait or skill that became overpowered
  7. Can you not imagine the rage from PvE players if we were open world PvPing in a full map during meta event?
  8. There was a counter. It was called Retaliation, which got removed. That's why there isn't any drawback now. Engineers used to run the risk of downing themselves with certain skills like grenade barrage, flamethrower auto, and prime light beam. Seems like those skills need a look taken at them now that their counter is gone.
  9. Are you sure your idea of competition and motivation isn't bias from being familiar with server-based team formation? From the viewpoint of a new player, many of those questions just aren't asked initially. Their initial motivation generally is learning the basics and gearing up their characters; learning how things work. After restructuring, those questions won't get asked at all. Their sense of competition would align with single seasons rather than a forever-server. They'd make friends and join their guilds if they were so inclined. It's weird to me when someone says their sense
  10. Bring back the old retaliation. Hehe.
  11. When the "alliance" part of these betas is finally available, the small guild and the bigger raid guild will be able to join the same alliance and end up on the same team together. It's a discussion and decision that has to occur between the two guilds.
  12. What do you propose should happen if the use of such a tool makes the problem worse? Then you end up having to fix not only the cause of the problem, but any secondary problems. My point only is that it isn't always a simple thing.
  13. In my experience, support tools typically are created after a product is finalized. It's probably not a matter of "allowing" so much as it is a matter of a tool doesn't yet exist. It would be a complete mess if they did create a tool and support went about using it on buggy code that is still under initial development and creating a deeper rabbit hole. Better to have the human resources (dev time) spent on developing the main code and getting it right before writing down-stream support tools.
  14. So? There *are* guilds that "transferred down". Then a bunch of other guilds and players follow because "hey I heard this place is hopping" and server goes full. Have you just ignored seeing that happen with server relinks and some servers that were previously linked become host servers? Entire guilds are supposed to keep paying gems every two months? And then there's the issue of recruiting. You can't recruit players from outside your server if your server is full. What you wrote is true but is not a good argument against world restructuring/alliances. Servers go full and lock oth
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