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  1. The responses on threads like this have me convinced that the difference between now and then is actually target caps and prioritization. It's like people forget (or never knew) that the original meta in WvW was a boonball consisting also of tanky gear and a stability boon that was next to impossible to strip/corrupt.
  2. Yea, it's hard to reproduce, but it's most likely the game then and not your card. If it were your card, it'd be happening most times and in other games too. People have been experiencing some funny glitches since the change from DX9 to DX11 (with BGFX), mostly it's been when the game servers are under high load like in WvW or large PvE metas. There's also an upcoming change being made to Post-processing options which will either help or hurt the situation. About the only thing that may help with the texture issue is making sure your streaming option is set to Max (https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Options#Streaming) Walls flickering is an issue with the shadows. Sometimes they just don't match when you turn your camera.
  3. Not sure why you'd think it's a file that exists on your computer. It's a part of the crash message from the game; an assertion failed at that location in the code. You include the crash message in a support ticket if you want a response. They'll want your dxdiag output to check audio drivers and such.
  4. I agree with you. Sometimes it feels like it is just a new name for the same old thing. I think what really distinguishes now from then isn't the boons or their durations or accessibility or even gear (remember that the tanky soldiers was once used a lot), but it's the 5 target limit combined with party/squad priority (the way boons are distributed is more optimized with little overflow). These combine to make it a lot more difficult to fight when your group is outmanned by 5 to 10 players rather than larger disparities in the past.
  5. Agreed that it's a symptom. I once brought up a similar idea about more supports got guilds and the GvG response is what I got. Did you have anything specific in mind on how to put the guild into GW2?
  6. Thanks for your TED Talk. It's really difficult to have any sort of discussion about more "guild centric" supports without players immediately assuming GvG. Guilds come in all flavors and sizes, but somehow only GvG is ever on the mind, that you want WvW to be GvG...
  7. EBG plus desert bl without alpine is also still just 2 maps. And one of which many hated. Oasis event felt like an annoying chore that was punishing if you ignored it.
  8. WvW's worse possible state was when HoT first came out and all three borderland maps were the original desert bl. Barricades, oasis event, and no gliding. Rock walls in earth keep, air blast traps in air keep, more lava in fire keep. May not even be necessary to explain the skills back then either. People have short memories on the cc and lack of stab and pirate shipping back then.
  9. Do you press it and it flashes or press it and it looks still like it wasn't pressed? In one scenario it's usually network lag and in the other it's the server being laggy.
  10. To be fair, Mabi asked what would motivate someone personally, not what would you change to motivate everyone. So of course someone is going to post things that would in practice demotivate large sections of the playerbase. xD
  11. Does it happen all the time? Usually the issue with the game happens somewhat randomly or under high server loads.
  12. There's been instances of what appear to be texture streaming issues when the servers are under high load. It went away briefly and seems to have come back a bit after Anet fixed that fan glider skin that was causing players to randomly crash in WvW. Micro-stuttering though can be related with your graphics settings, Windows interactions with drivers, etc. Be careful with what drivers you are installing since there was known Nvidia DPC latency issues last year that can cause that. Not clear if it's entirely been fixed. The reason you may not see it in other games is due to the resource demand GW2's engine puts on your system that is unique to GW2.
  13. Yesterday's rally for one of my guilds got cancelled because the content this week is poor. Players want WvW fights where there's a fair chance at winning, not spend time ktraining and chasing down roamers. Yes, it's Mag week...
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