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  1. Europe and NA are two separate databases. It probably has something to do with the amount and size of database transactions between game servers and database servers compared to GW1 that would become a major bottleneck of lag given network latency across the globe. Physical laws are sometimes inconvenient...
  2. If your client feels like it is being controlled by a ghost, check that you didn't accidentally activate any macros.
  3. This is dynamic server merging responsive to fluctuating populations instead of them having to merge servers manually all the time. Don't worry.
  4. The same PvE players who run in large HP trains on PvE maps during a map meta by chance? Say it ain't so!
  5. Might need to go back to the old population method too so we can all win by bandwagonning to a "full" Blackgate when they organize a mass-logout to let more people in.
  6. I don't remember choice of server not mattering at all. You wanted to go to TC if you were into rp. Anvil Rock was the spvp kids. IoJ and Sos were unofficial Oceanic servers. DB was all the SEA players. FA and JQ were supposed to be pvp servers due to the GW1 namesakes. And server ranks were extremely volatile for a long time with all the bandwagoning.
  7. I have extreme doubts. Sure some social interactions will be reframed. Does this change "kill" something we had in the past? Not really. On my server's community old forum it was always a struggle to get everyone to interact and participate in their server community. People had the same kind of levels of interaction with their teams as they do now and as they will in the future. I don't see any real difference that restructuring is going to bring.
  8. This sounds more like you and your guildmates got confused by the UI and didn't understand how to select the guild for matchmaking before the deadline. Or your guildmates selected a different guild instead of yours. I'm in some larger guilds and only 1 or 2 people in each got mismatched and it's the same for some other guilds I talk to. So it's hard to understand why an entire guild would be so scattered.
  9. It's important to keep in mind that the score isn't exactly reflective of playhour parity.
  10. You mean before links when NA had 8 tiers? That'll be dead content!
  11. Only if your PvE guildmates also select that guild for WvW. They might have a different guild for WvW that you are not in. You'll have to ask them.
  12. And we went over how the service was up, running and stable before they left for the weekend just like for the 2nd test despite bugs. Yea it sucks being on the wrong team, but you can still play if you want and the servers aren't going crazy like when they had to pull the plug on the 1st test. What more are you asking for that can't wait until the weekend is over? Do you want to change WvW resets to Tuesdays or something? What truth were you speaking again?
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