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  1. Seems some people didn't understand why I would say Vindi heals are broken so let me give some examples. On a support build in pvp you can get up to 9-10 k aoe healing with the blue alliance healing skill only, on a 10 sec cd. That's using flock rune and the Regen trait but still pretty much highest heal to cd ratio ever implemented in pvp. On offensive builds, you still have the super low cd of 10sec on both vindi heals and if using back to back it's a self.healing of 9k on 10 sec cd. Yeah it can be interupted ofc but even with long cast time this is still op by any healing standard.
  2. Big disagree, Vindicator heal skills are freaky strong and I main it...
  3. Well nothing new here, mender scourge was a no brainer highway to plat in the past, and now you see mech in plat games that don't know if it's worth leaving their node when 4 player zerg come at them.
  4. If people want to have proper 1v1 there are 1v1 server for that, ffa arena is literally the place you go for trolling, taking that off would take something else away from the game ^^
  5. Tbh asking for nerf to anything that keeps ele barely alive in PvP is just cruel. You should offer sincere apologies to the dying ele community left in PvP @_@
  6. There's a reason harbinger wasn't in show matches. It's actually worse then reaper and core nec. People take it in rank only and for 2 reasons, it kills fast vs beginners which is all rank is about and its fun gameplay, fast paced. Definitely not tanky lol. And no before you say something , I'm not harb player, I main Herald with over 500 ranked game this season. If I need to switch to necro, core is the way to win.
  7. Hmm condi harbinger is already as good as power harbinger if not better, the reason top players play power is because it's fun not because it's better then condi harb, (or reaper for that matter)
  8. It happened to me on coliseum.
  9. Seems like there is a patch at same time. But after patching and logging my game is still not registered..
  10. Just played a colliseum ranked game, (win btw 😕 ) and after it ended the last record is the ranked game I had before that, and no I didn't misclick unrank otherwise unrank would still at least be registered, but game history has nothing as if the game didn't happen. Which kinda sucks for a ranked win too...
  11. Funny how people are reacting as if I said Vindicator didn't need nerf... Funny how I played vindi since rev main but I got better winrate with zan's mech build and way better winrate with azzardome's specter build.
  12. And I already said I want Vindicator nerfed since I am a 'herald' main, not rene, not core, not vindi. So no I am not biased, I am just pointing out that 90% of the complains is a l2p issue.
  13. Sounds like I know the spec more then people crying everywhere without actually learning how it works to counter it. On spellbreaker you can easily 100-0 a Vindicator at equal skill level btw , but community prefer to just complain to anet.
  14. I am a revenant main (Herald) currently playing Vindi since it came out. I might be the player with the most ranked game on it, bit over 300 with both my accounts combined. I won't defend the that Vindi doesnt have broken skills, because tree song, heal dodge and gs5 are clearly. BUT!!!! Whenever I end up vs Vindi, no matter the class I'm on it's usually very winnable. Unless you are cced you should never get hit by gs5, the animation is super slow (just don't try to port out of range, buggy kitten) and the dodge is the easiest thing to cc at the end there is a timeframe where vindi can't cha
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