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  1. It should be comparable to Winter's Presence / Nightfury -- so somewhere between 500-800g (after the prices settle, so right now probably around 1200-1500g for early birds)
  2. Make Fulgurite and then make Jeweled ascended mats, you'll make a profit.
  3. 0/28 now.. I'll just buy the set, I'll just fund everyone farming them -- keep the price down boys!
  4. Well, I can't see Magic Find affecting these. I'm now 0/24 with maxed MF.
  5. You get 6 pours til you need to let them reset, try to space them evenly out.
  6. Branded Wyvern stuck near a wall, invulnerable, no crystals to destroy. Just straight up standing there 'Determined'
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