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  1. While I could be over thinking it right now, is the Legendary Reliquary separate from the upcoming vendor to exchange slumbering into awakened? I have the slumbering transcendence right now, but I noticed transcendence as an option in the box I got. So I want to make sure this is not being done instead thus allowing me to choose anything else I still want from the box.
  2. I've been seeing a lot of festival related items come back lately, but can you also include the candy corn and snowflake gobblers as well? I'd like to use them for WvW, but missed the chance during their respective festivals.
  3. I'm tired of helmets on heavies in general, and would like to see something similar to the Feathered Headpiece (seen on the Human/Norn/Sylvari females) but with a more floral design. A headpiece item that can be used on any profession that has various flowers on one side of the head. Preferably it would have several different flowers merged into one mass and the item itself with have more than dye channel. I don't know what this style of floral adornment is called, so I added some various images I could find on the web to give an idea of what I'm talking about to get my point acros
  4. I'm not sure how many millions of karma I had before I started spending it in large quantities, 5? 6 million? After fully equipping most of my 16 characters with ascended (the insignia recipes use 21,000 karma each), I went on to legendary armor and weapons and however much karma was used in making those. I agree with Danikat, a lot of later content acts as a karma sink. My primary use for karma on the typical basis is buying all six of the pact supply map materials each day (Total: 31,500 karma/day). I use them as an additional source of T6 fine mats to go towards whatever legendary item that
  5. Is it me, or does the functionality of the new icons feel like they should be switched? The material storage is a grid of items, and the box with the downward arrow more of indicates compacting. So many don't like the compact feature, so I guess go ahead and have an option to hide it or whatever, but maybe switch the icons too while things are being changed. To my eyes it makes more sense than what the current setup is. Just my two cents.
  6. That is what I've been thinking too, and have been a bit afraid of. At this point without an official answer, everything is just speculation based on what is or was, not will be. I really don't want to go back and make duplicates of weapon types just to dual-wield. I've seen some people here and there suggest that a NPC offers a clone of the weapon (which cannot be traded, sold or salvaged) so that the weapon can simply be dual-wielded. I'd rather a system like this than needing to go back and making the weapons that I wasn't interested in in the first place.
  7. Change the interact priority of chests (meta and otherwise) to be above everything except reviving down/dead players.This would mean that things such as place-able novelty items, NPCs (player-spawned or otherwise), and Mesmer portals are considered secondary after a loot chest. Please seriously consider this, it was one thing when a Mesmer portal would teleport players to another room, but now I'm starting to see them teleport players inside of walls with the use of a way point being the only means of escape.
  8. Elder Dragon and champions skyscale mount skin pack. The list of skins would include: TequatlThe shattererClaw of JormagShadow of the Dragon (Seen in the Sylvari starter quest)Maybe the Mouth of Mordremoth?And the biggest selling point, for me at least, Zhaitan himself.The models already exist at the least, probably just require a bit of play with the scaling and texture quality.Here is an image that compares most of them to each other (visual purposes only, not scaling).
  9. "Sir, I found a folder behind one of the file cabinets labeled 'Legendary Armory', do you want me to file it under 'Pending' or in the same drawer as 'WvW Alliances'?" On a serious note though, some answers to questions that affect us right now are needed. Some questions would include: Will I be able to dual equip a legendary sword if I only own one legendary sword? (example: Shining blade in both hands)Will I be able to slot Conflux and Slumbering Conflux at the same time when I currently only own one Conflux? Or do I need to make a second ring and leave it at the Slumbering stage?No doubt th
  10. With the latest "spoiler" announcement concerning skimmers, I wouldn't mind seeing an aquatic creatures mount pack for the skimmer. Something along the lines of a couple of shark type skins (Tiger, hammerhead etc), squid or octopus and maybe a whale or dolphin or something. I.e. a pack with a variety of sea creatures skins all geared towards the skimmer mount. Just my two cents.
  11. I've made Conflux already, which requires Slumbering Conflux as a pre. I was about to make a second Slumbering so that I could have two legendary rings at the same time originating from WvW, but a guildie pointed out that when the wardrobe comes out, I may have the Slumbering version available to me from the start since I already unlocked it on my path to obtaining Conflux. Would this be true? If so, then I'd like to not waste my time and put my mats towards another legendary weapon instead. Based on Anet's participation in this thread, I don't expect an official answer anytime soon, but I wou
  12. It has been almost five years since the release of HoT, and many of the meta events are still done frequently to this day. But for those who are not getting into HoT for the first time, certain materials build up with no real use; one such item would be Pile of Auric Dust. I have seen many times where a gobbler was requested by the player base, but here we are mid-way through 2020 and still nothing. So perhaps instead of asking for something that requires time and effort to set up such as gobbler or some form of currency sink, perhaps a small monetary value can be appended to the item(s) ins
  13. Ever since the game was released, people have asked for alternate playable races. I’ve seen Tengu, Kodan, Skritt and Quaggan, there are probably a few other requests out there too. But with the game just short of its eighth anniversary, not a single one has been added. But perhaps there is a simple solution. Combat tonics (Endless). There are already some in place such as the Ascalonian ghost and a Norn with some red scars/tattoos on his face, probably a few others too. This won’t help for those that would like to use a certain outfit or armor combo, but perhaps a variety of appearances on to
  14. Temporarily hide minis while in free fall, the constant teleporting of the mini gets pretty annoying after a while.
  15. Snowflake gobbler please. I've been seeing various Wintersday related items in the gem store as of late, I would like to pick this item up soon, preferably before the next Wintersday.
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