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  1. I can't seem to find any info on google. Before it was repaired and made into the crown pavilion, the great breach was an area in Divinity's Reach that was a destroyed section of the city. What caused the great breach?
  2. I could be wrong but haven't the last bunch of balance patches had preview notes like two weeks in advance usually? Figured it would be the same this time considering this is supposed to be a much larger balance patch than usual.
  3. I too was hoping the splinters would reset today like antique summoning stones do. That was we could just choose to wait longer and not have to buy the research notes splinter. Guess its not. This whole process of getting the alternate version is pretty terrible and the only reason I'm going to complete just ONE of the zhaitan versions is because I already purchased the other 3 splinters. Def never doing another one though. Absolutely awful design choice.
  4. Brothers, this man speaks the only acceptable truth. The land spear/javelin must become a reality. Only then will Rangers know the true path.
  5. Yeah this is very odd. All other mounts have their own option for a keybind but not turtle. Also if skiff could have a keybind option as well that'd be nice.
  6. Not being able to memorize a small handful of completely different icons is a you problem, not a game problem. If you eventually managed to discern the difference between a triangle and a circle you can pull this off too.
  7. I was actually majorly disappointed by this. I thought the weaponmaster cape was going to have the double swords on it and an option for just the double swords, exactly like the forest scout had the quiver/cape combo and an option for the quiver only. Hugely disappointed the swords were part of the outfit ONLY. Anet please, make it like the forest scout combo back piece.
  8. Oh lawd you about to be gravely disappointed. You think they're gonna make drastic overhauls like those in 3 months? The class is gonna come out mechanically exactly like it is now, but with some numbers tuning. They've never stated anywhere they have any intention of adding untamed versions of the other weapons. They've actually stated exactly the opposite, that hammer being the only unleashed weapon is a purposeful design. They've also never stated anywhere that pet families will get different unleashed skills. Like, where in the world are you pulling these dreams from?
  9. There is literally a section here in the very forums you used to post this "complaint" aptly labeled Game Update Notes that always has update patch notes for even small updates that occasionally fix a server crash. So... yes... they already have this thing "they should have" and it's existed for years.
  10. So a GM can see it and evaluate it for its implementation? You think that with a looming xpac launch, they're gonna concern themselves with the drop rate of an item from a six year old expansion that has literally never been a problem in the six years it's existed? For more people to see it and like the idea? More people are seeing it. They don't like it. It's completely unnecessary and they're attempting to be reasonable and explain to you exactly why this "problem" isn't a problem and hasn't been a problem in the six years verdant brink has existed. Telling peopl
  11. Agreed. Seems 100% like someone who doesn't know how to play demanding the game cater to the fact that they don't know how to play, instead of just getting better.
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