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  1. I wish the new expansion ultimate Edition had something like the Lily of the Elon so you can fast travel to the map a vip Pass. Thats the only thing holdin me back not buyin it.
  2. This game was different from other mmo games not havein dedicated healers tanks and so on as they said long time ago. A shame this game turned out to be just like evey other mmo out there. it runied the game. thats it. have a nice day
  3. smart anwser from someone who have almost none achievements on hes account. play the game before tryin to be wise
  4. When you begind to give Legendary gear for free than they should just stop call it Legendary. But that just me and how i think about it
  5. I know alot of players that really did grind and try hard to get these wins now that you remove the need to get 20 wins in Touney to get this specel effect from it / the red orb. When you nerf things like this you just make these things less prestige to have and not so Legendary worthy to have. Return to livin world already give u a free Legendary amulet for almost doin nothing. Dont drop Legendary gear for almost free in this game or stop call them ''Legendary'' Let me hear what you all think about this
  6. https://youtu.be/-nx9Pm65kqc I think this should be a wake up call not to make stupid elite spec like scourge in the New expansion
  7. When i think back on the build template and how they made that worse than the free version addon People used i don't have alot of Faith in whats gonna happen tonight
  8. equipping the legendary sword Bolt in two weapon slots, you’ll need to obtain and bind two copies of Bolt. For me that does sound like u cant do that trick anymore
  9. Yes i know but from what i understant what anet said u cant do that when armory comes
  10. From what i understant u cant do that anymore put 1 in each Weapon set
  11. But its a nerf cuz right now u can use the samme legendary 2 times 1 on each Weapon set so armory a nerf?
  12. Yes they say 1 legendary works only for 1 Weapon slot so if u want to use the same Weapon in each slot like the dagger dagger dagger dagger build than u need 4 legendary daggers and 4 legendary sigils 1 for each dagger
  13. Let me understsnt this right.. So if u want to run dagger dagger in Weapon set one and dagger dagger in Weapon set 2 lets say i have cleansing sigils and dodge sigils on. I need to have 4 legendary dagger and 4 legendary sigils on each Weapon?? Thats almost 10000 gold? Thats crazy....
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