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  1. There are 100s post om gamer sites and Reddit post around what seems to be gw3
  2. Thank you. Gant wait to see the game in unreal engine 5.
  3. When i Play ff14 Than come back in GW2 Than GW2 feel really dead as a mmo
  4. U dont need to pay to Play Pvp and we talkin Pvp and is fre to Play
  5. No is not .. whole core game is free only expansion and livin World maps cost money
  6. I got more than 14k spirit Shards and like 8 stacks tomes 31 million karma nothing to use for
  7. Been usin it for like 8 years. No u wont get banned
  8. please anet fix this eveytime i use my mount i have to re-click on stow pet 1 time clickin on it should be enouth.
  9. If u have tryed a consoll set up for this game than u know its not good.
  10. Pp Yes graphical this game looks really outdated sadly. Lets Hope 1 Day they update All the low textures this game surffer from
  11. As long thiefs remain a meme this game havin perma stealth than i don't care.
  12. Its been Bugged for more than a week cuz i been on leaderboad for long time but it dosent show
  13. https://ibb.co/hcCrDy8 I should be 208 or something but the whole week my name not been on and i have been on top 250 for long time ? can any 1 explain?
  14. Yeah anet have lost so many money from me make me wait for so long to have the items i wanted in gemstore so i stopped care about it
  15. yeah thats how i got my top 100 pvp title last season just play in mornings and the title is given for free sadly
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