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  1. Maybe players of other games are used to no down stateS, but without down states, this is a not GW 2 me. Thank you for letting me take another time off from the game.
  2. Yes. More e joyable. A good job for the balance team! Way to go.
  3. I am sorry to disagree with you. The reward system is well intended to create a fair experience for all and you are not understanding it. Contesting and stalling slows progress of the attacking side and making the game less rewarding for them and your small group defenders of 10 could easily group together and go offense to capture some undefined objects.As you mentioned, dropping supplies and escorting for roamers are rewarded, roaming is not punished. If a roamer tried to stall a group of 30 attackers of another server from capturing, the roamer is creating a less rewarding experience for ma
  4. But did you have everything in eotm too? I am not sure if Green owned everything in ETOM @ the same moment on that day. But Green could have done that because even the name “Overgrowth” for Green @ ETOM implies Anet might be expecting a larger population for the Green. To balance the population in ETOM, maps are designed to give 3 sides slightly different strength. Green (overgrowth) has better scouting buffs. Blue (Frostreach) has better defenses. Red (Badlands) has faster and better offenses. Etom is my favorite map because I do not plan to spend a lot of time in this game. I do not value
  5. There were lot of time and energy spent in WvW for these green dominance. But what are the rewards? Players left and found more rewarding activities outside WvW. Novelty brought along excitement and naivety; overexposure led to boredom and wisdom.
  6. Anat — War Goddess https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anat
  7. https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/World And 500 gems is for transferring to a medium population server in the current Full, very high, high, and medium classification, Why not just classify the server populations as Full,High,Medium, And Low ?
  8. NCsoft 4Q 2018 earning https://imgur.com/a/yt7muR9?
  9. This is an example of Matthew Principle and servers have been in Pareto distributions for many years. It is sometimes summarized by the adage "the rich get richer and the poor get poorer." https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Matthew_effect Matthew Principle will be true for alliance battle too. So try to be the top alliance early on to ensure your alliance dominance.
  10. A simple solution might be linking the "dead" Servers with the No 1 server, could be BG, and watch their population growing back. In this way, many transfers are generated when players were leaving and coming back to servers.
  11. Give Etom its own pips, legendary armors, and subforum, making it completely independent from WvW.
  12. Would faster relink increase or decrease number of transfers? Probably decrease because relinking offers free relieve for suffering players who are stuck at unhappy matchups. And this might further lead to improved server stability and more evenly matched links.
  13. The reason is simple. WvW is not fun. It demands too much of players' time. A bottomless pit, except for players who used to live in this mode and contributed a great deal of their time and money. Maybe those players were unusual individuals with special life style that majority players could not emulate. Hoping to capture more and more of players time in this game, this game has become less and less fun.
  14. Playing WvW is often like taking on a job, but Etom was fun. Players can differentiate being respected vs being manipulated. I hope this game goes back to offering fun rather than coercing players to "work".
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