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  1. I'm not even bothering with the turtle. I simply don't care about the game enough anymore to waste that much time on it.
  2. Yeah. It's been absolutely puzzling watching people vehemently defend it. I can't tell you how many times I've been bullied, reported, etc for speaking my mind. As someone who has been playing since the beta of GW1, no less. Far longer than most of them, or the devs for that matter. One slight mention of the expansion being a letdown in mapchat and everyone gangs up on you and insults / belittles you. So much for preaching against intolerance. I was just silenced on here for 3 days and had my posts deleted for criticizing the story and the team for writing it. The writing is about as b
  3. I would write what I thought of the story but last time I did I got silenced by a mod, and had my posts deleted. So...the story is great. Wonderful. Best story ever.
  4. You have got to be kidding me. I'm actually laughing right now at how much you're trying to defend this by pretending to be ignorant about the power and meaning behind that word in today's political climate. Also, I'm still waiting for that example I requested. When was GW ever political in the modern sense? Maybe my memory is foggy but I don't seem to remember "She / Her" Gwen running up to me in pre-searing and calling me a bigot. Who knows, maybe they've added that. I should go check!
  5. Been playing since the beta of GW1. Show me in any previous content where the writers used the word "bigot" or other loaded words used in modern discourse to instantly express political leanings. I'll wait.
  6. Exactly. The bigotry was absolutely jarring. They did not even need to use that word to describe the guy, they just threw that in there to express their political views. It worked in The Last of Us Part II because that was a modern world, with modern language and politics, and the bigot was a guy who actually acted like a bigot. The lesbian relationship was central to the story. It was believable. In End of Dragons the devs just tossed in the word for no reason other than to say "This dev team is SO woke!" And yeah, bringing back Aurene was awful. That was the only moment in
  7. It was initially, but now I think more and more people have gotten past their honeymoon phase and are now being hit with the unfortunate realization: this is it?
  8. The more I play End of Dragons, the more I see that it's just a real mixed bag of ideas and talent. I can see that a lot of work was put into it from certain team members, while other members did not do their job well. Lots of talent went into creating the visual assets, but whoever placed them didn't know what they were doing or just didn't care. Some of the missions are designed well aesthetically, but the activities inside them are dull. The music is nice, but the voiceover audio quality is mixed. The cinematics have some of the best animation yet, while the writing can be utterly crin
  9. No worries! Edit: And then this guy reported me in another thread and had me banned from posting. Hilarious! Last time I give you the time of day, buddy.
  10. I don't know where you got that idea that all I want are negative comments. Despite how disappointed I am with the expansion, I still had a few nice things to say about it, and I stated at the end that I want people to have fun. Plenty of people have been posting balanced comments here. I love that! What I don't love are apologist fanboys who don't want to hear a single negative thing about the game, have every excuse for why it is the way it is and try to defend blatantly lazy design, and call you "toxic" for pointing it out. Those are the players who ruin games.
  11. Sorry, but the people who like it as is and try to silence the "wave of negativity" are going to run this company into the ground. When so many people are unhappy and complaining, the company has to make changes in order to survive. FFXIV, No Man's Sky, Cyberpunk 2077 are great examples of why constructive criticism is essential. Those games were improved dramatically from listening to player feedback. If you don't like that people are voicing their opinions about a largely disappointing product, all I have to say is "tough crap and get over it because that is how the world works."
  12. Yeah, if this is the new standard that Anet wants to set then I'm not interested. It really does seem like a different studio, and unfortunately they don't know how to, or don't care to make a quality product. And all the apologists are wearing me out. Like...is this really what they want the game to be? This is acceptable? Because when they shoot down all the wealth of constructive criticism that keeps popping up, that's exactly what they're saying.
  13. Uh, no. I've barely been playing it, for all the reasons I mentioned. It's not uncalled for to point out blatantly careless and amateurish design from a team that has always created quality content. You're acting like this company made this expansion out of the kindness of their hearts or something. I seem to remember paying $30 for it. Others paid way more, for very little. A couple skins and some gems. If their work was compromised because of covid, they should have told us that and delayed the game further. Instead they went the Cyberpunk 2077 route and marketed the hell out of an u
  14. Civil and mature ways, like calling people toxic for having a different opinion? Yes...you're clearly a master of diplomacy.
  15. Yikes. No one's being "toxic" here except for you. And I haven't even begun trying to get a turtle mount. Not sure how you came to that assumption from reading my original post, if you even did read it.
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