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  1. Every time I play a match with top 100 player or player with high titles . One player in our team or opponent team just AFK or DC ? Is it a skill issue or net issue ? can someone explain this phenomena to me please .
  2. DH is very annoying to fight against with all his defensive skills , CC and occasional spike damage . I don't know the correct way to nerf them thou .
  3. What proficient / elite that you think is overperforming in PvP BTW overperforming mean excellent damage and cc with good survivability or mobility . choose any and write why
  4. i dont see this espec being great in open world i think the casual necros will hate it and they will be dying left and right when the new expansion will drop . i think this espec will be the most hated elite specailiztion ever due to it being lacking thematically and will be squish as hell and the casual player will get oneshoted alot . this espec is targeted for raid only as a hight dps glass canon (dps may be over 40K) people ask why elixir has blight on them i think because the devs want the player to have access to blight outside of shroud to maintain hight blight stack for dmg modifier . another use will be a quickness share calss for fractals . i dont think it will see play in pvp or wvw . a change to blight from 2% to 1% hp reducion and a buff to elixir will solve alot of problems
  5. the weird thing about it they didnt mention it in the live stream if it is intened it will be huge change that mean you can stay in shroud for ever as long as you hit something but i have my doubts because they said that skill 5 of shourd generate lifeforce if all hits generate lifeforce why only mention it on skill 5 ?
  6. i have rewatch the stream and i noticed that every hit while in shourd seem to generate lifeforce bug ? or intended ?
  7. you are not getting it its true if you enter shroud immediatly after using elixirs lets say you have 1000 LF pool if you use elixir and you didnt enter shroud your LF pool will be 900 (decrease by 10%) and if blight expire your LF pool will go back to 1000 but your LF will still be 900 and additional LF is used to heal you back that is my point . same example LP pool is 1000 max if you exit shroud at max blight your LF pool will be 500 max (decreased by 50%) if you use LF generation skill of lets say 20% you will get 100 LF that is 20% of the max 500 LF pool but after blight expire your LF pool will be back at 1000 max nut your LF will be only 100 (10%) so TLDR using LF generation skill while having blight will be less efficient using elixir will come with a penalty to the LF
  8. nope it dose matter because if you use lifeforce generation skill while you are at high blight stack you gain percentage of the lowered lifeforce pool not the max that mean using lifefore generation skills while having blight is less effective besides if you use elixir skill it will lower your lifeforce meaning you have less time to spent in shroud
  9. i have just rewatched the stream and i notice blight not only decrease your maximum HP pool but also decrease maximum lifeforce pool too . so now if you use elixir skills it will give you blight decerasing your maximum HP and lifeforce pool so after blight runout your lifeforce will remain the same and it will require even more lifeforce to heal you up. elixir use will come with lifeforce plenty making them suck even more for what they give . so instead of your utility being used for lifeforce generation now they decrease your lifeforce elixir 100% need a buff or they will be useless
  10. have you guys heard of quickness FB it can do exactly that and offer agies and stab and reflect for mechanics additionally the harbinger is limited with its 240 radius around you
  11. Harbinger traits are the most uninspiring trait for an elite specialization i have ever seen from a build craft point of view . aside from most of the trait being a flat stat increase/stat conversion the default auto select up for power dmg middle for support and down for condi dmg is just a bad design . this is creating problems because if you want elixir rechage then you are locked to the support line (losing the 25% dmg modifier) if you want pistal skills rechage trait you are locked into the condi dmg line . additionally the lack of a grand master trait that fundamental change the espec . now compare that to scourge and reaper traits that has more of a general purpose trait for lifeforce grain/condi cleanse /sustain /dmg with a grandmaster trait that change the espec (Sand Savant /Feed from Corruption/Blighter's Boon/Deathly Chill) blight as a mecahnic for harbinger is very good mechanic it is what the necro community has been asking for (remove the passive tankiness of the class for significant gain in dmg or support) blight problem now is that it has zero intaction with the espec outside of the 25% dmg increase my suggestions to improve to the harbninger : 1-make elixir interact with blight (same a holo utility interact with heat mecahnic) something like added benfit if used with enough staks of blight that will add depth to the blight mecahnic . 2-remove both adept trait that increase dmg now its baseline (blight decrease hp pool by 2% increase dmg by 1%) because you shouldnt be taking risk with zero rewards and replace them with a general purpose trait that can benefit any build 3-add grandmaster trait that change the espec like blight now dont decrease your maxium HP pool now it decrease you health by a set amount (which is interesting) or a grandmaster trait that change shroud skill 3 into terrifying retreat ( fear around you and evade backward then the skill flips back to the original dash) for compitative game modes Side note the power harbinger with struggle due to lack of a proper melee weapon on core necro so we have 2 options either pull the plug and remove the power traits and replace them general purpose traits that may benefit condi or support builds or rework main hand dagger into a proper close range melee weapon
  12. i feel boon druration or consintration is ok but it better if they made elixir interact with blight like how holo utility interact with heat mechanic soming like having extra effect if you have enough stacks of blight
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