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  1. posted a tested solution on its own post for clarity in case anyone can make use of it
  2. Tested the TP for a while no memory leek so far and no crashes, will keep testing
  3. I don't play all that much anymore but got back into the game today and it didnt work on linux (the only experience i have). I looked over the previous linux_forum_thread and although it has plenty of information it is mostly just a mix of experiences and less focus on a solution, and that will be the goal of this post. Some considerations before starting: - i have gw2 working at both machines with gentoo and arch but i will provide instruction to only arch/pacman because in gentoo i use my own tree with my own ebuilds to compile wine etc ... - i only
  4. have dagger 3 do something, my suggestion would be projectile reflection/destruction, so there is some gameplay to following within the dagger storm for defense, or something else, maybe something block related for synergy with the traits, just not another flavor of damage. my point is that its all 3 dagger skills are just damage there have no game play decision, mesmer always had this feeling of choice and mind games, sword has an evade and a leap, staff has a teleport, scepter has a block, dagger is 3 skills of damage even GS the less "interactive" has a mechanic to 2 where you c
  5. A valid point but like i answer before with the "unique" system or even more simple with restricting selection (that already is implemented on the gear selection or even in the combination selection of something like the mystic forge). As i posted in that same reference, asking if it couldn't just there be a restriction in the selection of the items on LA, ex: if a slumbering version is selected then the animated version cant be, this would solve the problem of the "unfair advantage" since having 2 versions wouldn't matter because you could only equip one of them.
  6. Couldn't you just restrict the selection of the items LA, if a slumbering version is selected then the animated version cant be, this would solve the problem of the "unfair advantage" since having 2 versions wouldn't matter because you could only equip one of them ?
  7. First point my statement about being "simple" refers to my suggested solution, and yes that implementation is "simple", proof of that is the fact that there is already vendors that off trade 1 vs 1 item. Second point, yes this would create two items per trinket (in terms of database and legendary armory), but this is not an issue in my point of view since they could "easily" (to prevent the need of further clarification i classify here as "easy" based on the previous implementation of similar systems such as the "unique" and other item equipping restrictions) make both of the items
  8. I understand that there is a technical barrier to provide a toggle for these legendary trinkets effects, but why cant we just have a simple vendor that sells (as trade 1 for 1 like many other vendors do), items with what ever name/icon you prefer that just have the stat swap, you can even copy the current ring (from wvw) and just disable the unique. My point is that the new legendary armory is bringing value to legendaries that previously were just sitting on the bank yet i (as many other persons) will still not be able to use 3 legendaries when there is a simple and viable option
  9. Came back and played the new "addition" (cant really call it more than that), short story its just half of a map with the same events and drakkar is another zero effort 1 spam boss, at least at world bosses like the chak one in hot you can feel some level of participation because you affect your lane and you can fail, on drakkar although failure is possible its just to basic to matter, you dont feel like you could have done better or change outcome you are just stacking and taking a nap i don't know what you guys do. But in the end if you compare it with any other release even against the firs
  10. I don't want to bash on the game or the company its an objective question, i am just curious to know how a sample of the player base feels about this topic. The reason for is that i have been playing other games like for example path of exile that has a reported team of "over 120" (statement made last year as a comparison to their starting numbers of 23) and although ArenaNet did fire close to 150 they would still be over that 120 current employees, and i make the comparison because grinding gear is actively developing a second path of exile (already at an advance state shown to the public) as
  11. Now that 2 weeks have passed and all of the content is finally here (3 strike bosses), how do you feel about what was delivered for the 2 months since prologue (or 8 months since last major story release). Take in consideration that Arenanet doesn't owe anything to any of us, its not about being entitled but about a personal analysis of what is given and what you take from it.
  12. like i said before i own all three legendary trinkets (plus ring) and this that you suggested is exactly what i do, besides the occasional exotic build that requires ascended gear i don't feel like having, i just carry around a set of trinkets for most stats i used and put the legendary in the bank what i would hope is that not to be my only solution
  13. i am the owner of a set of legendary trinkets (and ring), and by god (or whatever deity people believe in) i never thought that i was annoying you my good sir with my balls in your face but i am pleased that you don't mind, always good to know
  14. this concept of a "good community" is just idiotic, people are people no matter where you go or what game you play gw2 sometimes gives this vibe of a friendly community because it shies away from competition every chance it gets, mobs can be tagged by everyone, resource nodes are client side, no dps meters, easy spam 1 and it will eventually die content ... etc, and because of this people just "act" friendly the same way people will smile and say hi to one another when they really don't care at all. but the moment you introduce conflict it breaks down even faster than more mature communities,
  15. Asked before (several times) since the addition of Aurora (back on september 2017) could we please have the option to hide our auras both from ourselfs as well from others (similar to backpack, (and if possible all auras period as it is visual clutter). Its quite something seeing the game shift the people that are drawn and every time restart the animation like explosions of balls in a group of people, just the visual confusion on top of everything else. Please understand that is annoying to have the same balls moving around the character for what will be over 2 years, and now with build templ
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