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  1. I only really like one and unfortunately it's a premium face. But I do hope they add more faces.
  2. Like a moron I deleted a character with a item that you can't get anymore. And they got it back for me in less than a day. So they get a thumbs up from me.
  3. The interface of it is pretty bad. You can't really auto queue. I just want to queue and do dungeons for gear rewards, and the one I want to do is either a ghost town or the people in it want top shelf players. So I'm going to be honest with you guys and say that as a casual player, I never use it. I just right-click commander tags and join the squad, and if I can't, I just follow them. Even when I do try to engage in any multiple player focused content, it's so anti-social and dead quiet. Makes me think I'm playing Wow. Then, I start thinking about how less this game is compared to those types of games. Better transmog and more defined roles. You could list lile 20 more things, and I don't want to do that. I'm rambling here, but I agree with the LFG being terrible.
  4. In trying to get the Warclaw, it is actively making me hate the game mode because it takes so long, and you basically have to hope that your fellow players took the reward track for speed. Even with speed boosts, you feel left in the dust. It's actively making me regret starting the whole process. Which I'm sure isn't the developer's intentions. It's just the time from A to B on a track takes way way too long. I have no problem unlocking things, but when it feels like the bar doesn't move when I progress in the game, you kinda failed to hide your treadmill.
  5. But I also hate the look of this because it has jumping puzzles in it. No offense, but that's one of the worst parts of this game. Thank god for Mesmers letting you give Anet the finger. Also, Pvp being in it. Granted it's optional.
  6. They ripped off the Wow traders' tender journal track system. That's what it looks like from the outside anyway. Which I think Wow stole from WvW, but I could be wrong. Could be the other way around. Either way looks just like it.
  7. It's called in game money. Every player has it in their bags. Look I'm done with you guys you like this garbage the way it is I get it. Maybe some day you will play a better game that doesn't nickle and dime something so trivial.
  8. Again though a level 1 player can now use the system as changed. They can't the way it currently is. They have to earn a shard. Am I getting through to you?
  9. They do inconvenience you though. You have to do other things to earn them. Even if you don't see it you're still earning them to use them for that purpose. Imagine if it was just in game money. What would be the harm in that?
  10. What are they there for then? Changing an items skin. You what's easier? Not needing a shard.
  11. Let me make it easy for you. Transmutation shards are there to inconvenience you as a player. That is their purpose. We can't agrue that because it's literally there to force you to grind them out or pay money to skip the grind. So that being said why are they still in the game if the player's will at lengths tell you not to buy them with gems? I feel like as a player I am being punished for wanting autonomy on something so simple as changing my gears appearance.
  12. The outfit covers 5 pieces of gear. A skin is only one. And no most outfits only let you hide the helm. Or at least the ones I own only have that option. Again though going in circles. The devs monetize the skins. They monetize the outfits. Why is the item needed to use the skins monetized as well? Greed, and if you ask any player they will tell you at great lengths how you can circumvent the system of transmutation shards. Because the player's themselves deemed them not worth real money. So by that logic we are all in agreement that they aren't worth buying as items. Nobody is willing to drop gems on shards. If they are god help them. I've seen dozens of posts asking for them to be removed as they aren't new player friendly. So I'm asking you why you still want them in the game in this way?
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