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  1. This is a great & refreshing post to see! Many thanks to the dev team for the integrity, honesty, and transparency despite the negativity from the bad eggs in the community.
  2. Would you like to join this gaggly band of misfits? You can see exploits of our adventures here, updated (at least) weekly: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLw_-Kw9NzJznFNEtZbG4aZlNTn2qaaxsu Please review our Guild Expectations before deciding if [GAL] right for you: • Members who are online and in-game are expected to prioritize and join official guild raids. • Run guild builds; all members will be provided gold, materials, time, and training to learn and acquire equipment for their builds. • Members must be present in voice communications to listen to the commander;
  3. Less than a week before the sign ups close & we got 14 EU guilds, and 11 NA guilds. We're looking at some healthy competition! If anyone would like to help, we're looking for Match Admins to help facilitate the matches, especially during the playoffs both on EU & NA! Sign ups for Match Admins are HERE. We're currently low on sign ups for these, as their requirements are a bit more strict. GvG Police Captain Roy is also looking for new members of the brigade, to prevent griefing during the tournament. Those sign ups can be found HERE. Be s
  4. Yeah! The hope is that guilds unfamiliar with gvging participate and sign up for the fun of it. We're very keen on having minimal composition restrictions so if less experienced guilds want to try something crazy we are looking forward to it 😄
  5. Starting May 31st Guilds on both regions, EU and NA, will be split up into groups, and will GvG within their groups for 2-3 weeks. Afterwards, on June 19/20th each region will have a Final, consisting of the top guilds from each group. Finally, on June 27th we will hold a Global Finals for the top guild from each region. For the first time ever, we will be including Cross Region GvG's in a Tournament! (Organized by Guild MM, Roy, Teapot, & myself.) Important Things Structure/rules/dates HERE EU Guilds Currently Signed Up NA Guilds Currently Signed Up
  6. EoTM arena can often be in use on weekends when looking to scrim, I've even had days when Needle was in use as well. Bringing OS into EOTM would make it's huge arena way more available, plus there are a few other decent places to fight too on busier days.
  7. I've not been able to tell the difference beyond the thickness of party HP bars. Seems pretty much like an FU to anyone who doesn't see in perfect colours.
  8. I really don't see how it's favoritism, if they didn't claim it, another guild would have. The anet tag doesn't give the objective any special buffs, and it is honestly a detriment. The tag on the objective becomes more like crosshairs, people are more likely to try to capture it.
  9. What time do you usually play during Mountain time? You're probably looking at guilds that run later NA, so maybe AR or DB.
  10. Soulbeast is sometimes uses by fight/gvg groups now for the beast pull into immobilize, it can be really strong but it requires a lot of coordination.
  11. Bump. Now that the EU server situation is resolved hopefully we'll get attention now :)
  12. OP here I understand y'all aren't fans of a subscription to pay model, and have suggested things like an option subscription. I understand that statement has rubbed a lot of you the wrong way and I apologize for that. Nonetheless we appreciate all the support for the main issue here, which is resolving the tremendous server lag we're all facing, not just in WvW. :3
  13. Dear ArenaNet, We’re keen to get your attention on this pressing issue as we have continually grown in frustration that has almost reached a breaking point for many players and guilds within the community. Over the past few months there has been a significant increase in skill lag and server latency, with frequent mass interruptions to the flow of gameplay becoming commonplace, more so than they were eight years ago when the issue first began - albeit less than what we are facing today. We all are deeply passionate about Guild Wars 2, and the work, development and ingenuity that’s been put int
  14. This fits the idea of GW2 being a game that's very supportive of alt creation, and I agree with this design choice and direction. However, it leads to the issue of skins attached to the legendary gear. While sure, you can just use more outfits and neglect using skins outside of your mains there issue becomes bigger if you want to use racial skins on your legendary armor. My guardian has a full set of legendary armor, however he uses some sylvari skins. I won't be able to use this feature to equip my warrior with the armor because of the racial skin lock, which defeats the whole purpose of thi
  15. Salut! Je suis le commandant de [GAL] Galatis. Nous joueons samedi, dimanche, jeudi, et mecredi vers 10 heurs de soir jusque a 12:30 du matin. On est sur la serveur JQ, fermer a ce moment mais si tu veut attendre pour le relink tu peut nous joindre dans une semaine. On est ~15 par nuit, et utilise discord. Il faut que tu utilise nos buildes. On communique primariment en anglais, mais tu peut me parler on francais. Laissez-moi une message si on nous interress :)
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