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  1. That fixed it for me, thank you and your whole team 😊
  2. Same for me, can't join WvW, even after several restarts.
  3. Hello! [bp] BullĂȘtpoof is a small WvW-Guild on Blacktide, with a player base that knowns each other and play together for years. If you like to roam, raid and have fun, just give a try - don't be shy. Although we're pretty ambitious, new players are welcome too. We also do PvP and sometimes we fail through PvE raids. Our raid times are Monday, Wednesday and Sunday at 8pm CEST and we raid for around 2 hours. What we want from you: Will to improve yourselfHave a working microphone & speakersBe active on TSBe open to criticismParticipate in 2/3 raids except you're on vacation What we offer
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