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  1. I treat other players as I want to be treated. At launch, alot of people helped me out with getting to know the game and now I have no problem doing the same. This is how the real world should be but unfortunately it isn't like that. That is why I love Tyria, its a beautiful world full of helpful and nice ppl.
  2. This is exactly what I have been doing with redoing the LWS. That and spamming the dialogue buttons.
  3. Thanks .. Thought I would help out a friend getting a Gen 1 precursor for his first legendary.
  4. Just wondering if it was possible to craft a second Gen 1 precursor? The game let me go all the way to the third step and gives me a message saying that YOU HAVE ALREADY CRAFTED THIS ITEM. I have been told by many people that I should be able. I just hate the fact that I just wasted alot of different materials. https://imgur.com/a/dOD3JfK
  5. You will need to start praying to the RNG gods with a possible blood sacrifice. Seriously, It took me forever to get this drop. I believe I made the Quetzal extinct going for this item.
  6. May I ask what time your guild event schedule? I have limited playtime which usually starts later in the evenings.
  7. My bar is green and I have been storing my luck and storing my unidentified bags.
  8. Make sure the account magic find bonuses are not being counted. I currently have 319% (19% is from the account magic find bonuses). If you hover of the progression bar or somewhere in that area it should tell you how the amount is being factored.
  9. Kind of interested. Been raiding for several weeks now. What times do event normally happen?
  10. I completed Fungus Among Us adventure for the HOPE Collection III for a Silver ranking then used the Synergetic Generator promptly after completing the adventure and did not get credit for Legendary weapon collection. I contacted support and they stated they can not do anything about this. So I am reporting this bug .. like most people before me. I am willing to give you a screen shot or go to the support ticket.
  11. if you still have room for a GW2 Vet I would be happy to join. I like running dungeons, fractals, strikes, and would love to start raids if that is in the cards. Basically anything PVE.
  12. i just salvaged all the gear I got from the Unidentified blues, greens and yellows. Sorry I didn't track how long it took me. Just been playing casually.
  13. Hey All, I just reached 300% Magic Find the other night and now I am wondering what should I do with all future essences of luck it get? https://imgur.com/a/KthgJfy
  14. I just wanted to pop in here and say I love this video. I give it to all of my friends just starting out.
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