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  1. Nothing wrong with using dagger 5 to kite around a camp either. Cloak and dagger works on supply (even if none is showing). There are better builds for clearing camps though as others point out. I played core s/d for quite a while when it was meta and cleared camps with even less dodges, but it still wasnt very enjoyable.
  2. A bit of a necro but I thought back to your post here and wanted to make sure you didnt miss it. The exclusive Roaring Dragon Glider, Mini Celestial Rooster, Watchwork Wings Package, and Springer Kit Backpack are currently available. You can now get your springer kit backpack from black lion statuettes! Cheers.
  3. "Roaming". Mentions supports. You lost me there pal.
  4. Talking about teammates and not enemy team. Thought that was common sense. This would increase quality of matches regardless. You're not skilled bc you can see the firebrand has signet so you know theyre support. Stop it.
  5. I would not say it does nothing. Though I do agree the ability to see a teammates rank would also be very beneficial and should be standard by this point as it is in many other competitive games.
  6. Either you are naive or don't have enough experience with internet games I'll tell you exatcly how this can go wrong "this guy is running an off meta build, we lost" or "we have 2 off meta builds, I'm not even leaving the base" I can see it as a standard behavior in low gold and below I'll not deny it, when I see a necro popping 4 pets I go on a "oh god" mode, and I kinda feel I lost before the match starts Depending on the player mindset he'll think either "I'll have to carry harder" or "we lost the game" Im neither of those things. I commented earlier saying toxicity was a concern of mine,
  7. I fail to see how this would do anything but improve the quality of matches still. I hope it would change the matches. Because right now the quality of most is terrible. Anything else I can know about my teammates to understand situations they struggle in would be welcomed.
  8. I disagree. They can change their builds to not be light on condi cleanse before matches and not doing so is their fault entirely. I don't think its more work. You should be actively trying to win games from beginning to end. This is perfectly okay information in my opinion considering the phase is there to make plans with your team and adjust your builds to form a cohesive team.
  9. This is when I would see myself using it the most also. Before a game towards the end of the ready up phase when builds are more solidified. Or if I see my on my team losing to the condi mirage on the other team I can look at their build in down time to see if maybe they should swap nodes with me at a point if they wouldnt mind.
  10. You can. That is what I mean. You could do it anyways if you can copy it. So why not just make it a feature? Unless you are saying you think the dev time would be wasted to make it easier done. Which I'm not sure on the time it'd require of them so cant comment on that. A lot of people change their builds slightly on a matchup to matchup basis anyways. Based on enemy composition. If they don't adapt to it I'd like to know that as their teammate so I can help them out where they will be weak. I get your concern there though, but I'm not sure it would apply to a majority of players that would be
  11. That was not the "point" at all. The point was everything but that one sentence, but you stuck on to the part that literally says "Edit" that was added because why not. Why shouldnt I be able to. I explained the point of it entirely before that. To see allies strengths and weaknesses so I can better assist them in game. Thanks for your replies though I guess. The edit was there to say that it might as well be a feature at this point. Take out the Edit and you''ll have the point of my post. Which I felt was quite obvious.
  12. Thanks for actually reading. I was concerned about potential toxicity, but I feel it could improve quality of matches if used properly.
  13. Lol what. Do you not read well? I dont need others builds, but it doesn't mean I shouldn't be able to look at my teammates. The point wasnt to get their build to use, but if it was implemented I'm not sure of a reason why you shouldn't be able to copy form inspection screen. Looking forward to you reading one sentence out of this and commenting something irrelevant again. I dont think its too ridiculous for me to be able to see what my teammates are playing before/during a game. So good question. Why not?
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