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  1. Another fun hammer fact: its fire auto is one of only two fire weapon skills that cannot damage multiple targets in any way. The other one is heat sync.
  2. Apparently it's OK for near-zero effort, near-zero risk defence to be everywhere but making anything actually zero effort is way out of line.
  3. Fire's maximum benefit to power damage: +450 power (lose 300 of that if you leave fire) +21% damage Strength's maximum benefit to power damage +490 power (lose 120 of that if you leave GS) +33.3% damage
  4. A damage traitline that only does for a quarter of the time what other damage traitlines do all the time is bad design, yes.
  5. Having limitations on how often you can use a healing mode isn't the problem. The problem is that med kit has no limitations.
  6. Projectile hate is definitely a big issue because so much of it is incidental. None of the common builds intentionally take any projectile hate yet a group ends up with enough to permanently reflect or block everything with skills that came bundled with the skills they actually wanted. The main damage advantage weaver brings to staff is from projectile dual skills so it hurts to have them be so unreliable. Another thing I think really hurts any damage oriented ele build in pvp/wvw the way its damage traits work. You get some nice damage skills outside the fire element (especially w
  7. I think the biggest obstacle to ranger as a support build in zergs is that scrapper is unreasonably good at the same things druid wants to do.
  8. I don't think the devs have any vision for this class. Edit: check out the ele page on the main GW2 site and see if you can find anything that remotely resembles how the class is played.
  9. If we had NA players that weren't deathly afraid of being in any tier higher than t4 or a link with some more NA players we wouldn't have this problem because our OCX pop doesn't break the game in t1.
  10. Combat where everything either instantly kills or does effectively zero damage makes everything too boring and predictable. It's never about good plays winning fights, just bad plays getting people killed.
  11. Of all the things that could've been nerfed on engi, why this? Med blaster, purity of purpose and sneak gyro are the parts of engi that make the game boring.
  12. Why nerf power coefficients instead of nerfing the ability to stack such high effective power? The 3.9k crit you talk about is from about 4k effective power, but some builds can get up to 20k if they push it. That's still going to cause oneshots, meanwhile any power build that isn't full glass hits like a wet noodle.Why blanket nerf when some options are already weak? Nerfing stand your ground seems reasonable but why also nerf hallowed ground when no one uses it?Why put 300s cooldowns on traits? These sort of traits don't get used in pve and now won't be viable in pvp or wvw so there's no rea
  13. It's certainly a very weak trait, but Anet's numbers will show that it's a success anyway because both other options for that slot are getting smiter's booned.
  14. Who had the bright idea of reworking elemental summons? Any dev time spent working on these skills is wasting time that should be spent working on their replacements.
  15. Unravel shouldn't even exist. It's an admission that weaver mechanics are a downgrade to standard ele mechanics. This used to be covered up by a few OP skills and traits, but now that those are being gutted there's no escaping from the fact that weaver is a downgrade.
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