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  1. Honestly its good they are not adding the chicken race, if they did i would not buy the expansion.
  2. So were getting fishing and thats great i like fishing, but why dont we have pet battles with something like 500 minis in the game just make a pokemon style battle mode please 🙂
  3. I dont want to sound rude but your agrument is basically why does anet not support the game on ms-dos.
  4. Bro if you just run around the map not doing event and just picking up chests you are not gonna get exp.
  5. Hey not something many of you will care about however, i have reached the cap a while ago and i miss being rewarded for doing the daily achievements for the ap, the 2 gold really doesnt mater to me. so please increase it to something like 30k.
  6. no they just need to turn it to what it was before, no need for all this philosophy just turn it back.
  7. If some people chose to farm keys why make it harder for them they are not breaking any rules and probably would not buy keys in the first place.
  8. hell i wish they remove the stupid limit on number of lv10 keys you can farm, you can still farm an infinite amount of lv 30 50 labyrinth and hot keys
  9. Well you cant spam the same map multiple times in a short period 1 its annoying 2 its against the tos.
  10. I dont know why so many people think that they deserver raid legy armor for just doing pve with no raids but you dont. if they did as you like it would be a huge middle finger to every raider who put in the effort and time to get that armor.
  11. Quaggans are the single ugliest creature in gw2. proof - https://static.staticwars.com/quaggans/attack.jpg
  12. I would rather they add pet battles then fishing but hey maybe they should add both.
  13. still those infusions are a good source of +5 stat + 9 ar resistance , and while not cheap ghostlies are 70ish gold you still shoudnt need to buy 60 of them if you have 10 alts or more.
  14. Raid type infusion ghostly / peerless , fractal that drops from bosses and open world infusions should be added to armory stacking amount of them you have so lets say if you have 6 ghastlies it would be enough for all armor on all of your chars or any combination of infusions. In the spirit of legendary armory reducing the amount of gear we need to have let us stack how many inf we have in the armory and use it the same as legendary some of these infusion are not cheap either so it fits.
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