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  1. To be clear - I was sitting in Armistice Bastion waiting for WvW reset. When the reset activated, I saw all the players around me vanish (they were loading into BLs). My WvW menu (B) changed to show yellow "lock" icons where the queue depth is normally shown for each BL. I could not click on any BL in the WvW menu to join. I could only press F at one of the BL portals - but that generated the error message and code above (shown in a popup). I exited the game and restarted. When I loaded back into Armistice Bastion, my WvW menu was showing different BLs from my Alliance. My home BL (Dragon's Claw) is not the same as the home shown in the World Restructuring tab for my alliance (Giant's Rise).
  2. Had to log out and log back in to clear this error. Now I'm assigned to a different home BL from my Alliance. Error Code = 49:5:37:3284:101
  3. Not against invulns, but there's too much trolling by wanna-be heroes plowing solo into groups, popping invuln, wiffing a few worthless (but annoying skills), and then running off unharmed (usually with a few chained movement skills as frosting). If someone's going to troll, and not play seriously, then they deserve to either eat a pile of damage, or be unable to do anything of consequence (other than run away). Making the skills channeled prevents using other skills (except for instants I guess). Of course you'd have to decouple attacks from invulns (looking at you dagger storm). Let the rants begin...
  4. Purity of Purpose turns those condis into boons (at least until ANet nerfs it, which I heard is in the works). That makes scrappers indirect boon-bots. There are almost always conditions going down. My favorite is chill (for alacrity) and burn (for aegis). Is this true that ANet is going to nerf Purity of Purpose? Heard from what source? The only reason why healing Scrapper is still a thing in WvW is because of PoP. You nerf that to the ground (knowing ANet always throw out high handed nerfs) and with Tempest 10 allies buff taken away in WvW too, all we have left in WvW is FBs as support. The King of support will soon be God.Scrapper still brings group stealth, group superspeed, epic cleanses (even without conversion to boons), and very good heals, among other things. I doubt the loss of PoP will remove it from the meta, especially to support Tempest.
  5. @mindcircus.1506 you can monitor your own output over a period of time in ARC and then play another toon and do the same.
  6. If you're primarily using your weapons, instead of kits, then core-engi will feel horribly when leveling (although I do enjoy condi P/P to a degree). The same goes for underwater combat. I tried far too long to make speargun work before realizing I could use grenade kit or bomb kit underwater. Honestly bomb kit is the goto kit for most PvE as core-engi.
  7. Purity of Purpose turns those condis into boons (at least until ANet nerfs it, which I heard is in the works). That makes scrappers indirect boon-bots. There are almost always conditions going down. My favorite is chill (for alacrity) and burn (for aegis).
  8. I use it for self buffs only in WvW -- or if a solo foe is down, but even then not much. Almost every down-state skill set has a stun which makes the gyro useless.Similar with rezzes in WvW -- the opposing teams usually bomb on downs to kill the players trying to rez. Function gyro gets stunned into oblivion.
  9. Doesn't seem worth it -- you are trading +20% outgoing from monk (with full stacks) for every heal with a single heal every 17 seconds for 800-1000. You also lose the +15% boon duration.
  10. It takes 4 weeks just to get the tickets. I seriously doubt anyone playing WvW regularly has no tickets at all.The time investment is significant. It's 22 weeks of maxing the WvW weekly chests to get enough tickets for a legendary armor set. That's the big issue really. Time is more valuable than the other resources. However, for reference: The cost for each piece is roughly 375g in materials to go from ascended to legendary.The cost to purchase each ascended is mostly in the grand master marks. A piece will range from 33 to 44g in marks. So about 10% of the total cost.Again the tickets are really the factor. If you are crafting up legendary pieces from WvW, you losing 1310 tickets is an issue. I worked the issue through support. They were willing to help correct my mistake but I'm unable to recall the exact dates at which i purchased the armor and then subsequently stat-swapped it in the forge. Otherwise I believe they would have been able to reverse it. They were very helpful considering that this mistake was on me.
  11. Doesn't really help if you missed the forum post, joined afterwards, etc. Sounds like this falls squarely into "user experience". It's a difficult thing to do well in any software (which I do for a living). This is a poor user experience imho -- and the ramifications of misunderstanding what's going on is severe for most users -- loss of resources (including time, the most important one of all). Any game mechanic that requires some form of external knowledge to execute, or execute well, is at risk for bad user experience. That's a good example with regards to user experience. There's an implicit assumption that users will understand all the ramifications of "new items". Of course I'm going to get new items, that's why I'm using the forge in the first place -- in this specific example, to get "new" stats for my gear. It's not so obvious with respect to the ramifications for ascended armor which can be used to craft legendary armor. It would be a good idea to add a second confirmation that says: you will no longer be able to [details here]. are you sure you want to continue? That software change may pay for itself in the form of reduced support tickets.
  12. That's definitely not clear in the game at all. I went back and checked the wiki and it does have one sentence buried on this page: https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Stat_changing. To me it reads more like an excuse rather than a desired game feature. I've swapped stats multiple times on other ascended gear and didn't perceive the "destruction" effect because it's non-consequential. So I didn't think twice about doing it to my Triumphant Hero's asc. armor. The game should definitely provide better feedback in this specific situation (legendary armor precursor).
  13. At least a year ago I purchased the Ascended Triumphant Hero's heavy armor from the Skirmish Supervisor in WvW. My intention was to eventually craft up the legendary version (which requires the ascended version in the mystic forge). I was checking the crafting calculator on gw2efficiency.com this morning and it shows that I don't have the Triumphant Hero's ascended armor. I check my character in GW2 and the ascended armor is showing: "Transmuted: The Twins' XXXX" where XXXX is "visor", "pauldrons", "breastplate", etc. When I go back to the skirmish vendor, the ascended armor tab shows the heavy armor pieces all with "Skin Unlocked". Did something change in the item database which invalidated the WvW Ascended Heavy Armor sets crafted a year ago? EDIT: I'm quite confused on this entire situation to be honest. "The Twins" is just the "grieving" asc. armor, which is how my armor is currently configured (having changed it in the mystic forge months ago). The MF shouldn't change a Triumphant Hero's armor piece to a different base skin type right?
  14. I think you need to rework the skill names for more of a bluegrass theme, corresponding to the primary genre of a banjo!
  15. Using the "Lowest" setting for Character Model in the F11 Graphics Menu work great for setting the the model to a simple race (human/charr/asura/etc) and armor (heavy/medium/light) configuration. However I still see Legendary weapon skins and effects, gem shop backpack skins and effects, etc.. The purpose of this setting is to maximize performance and reduce screen clutter from character skins, auras, infusions, and other effects. Can the setting be updated to also use simple weapon models (staff, axe, sword, etc.) and simple backpack models (i.e. just a basic rucksack)?
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