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hi today a bad thing appens to me, so this is not about players helping players but more players against players, ill tell you my story... so today i went to a cm fractal group i was playing alac and im new to the class but i do my job alac uptime good dps acceptable (my main class is guardian), so we were 15+ kp group, whit 3 necros alac(me) fbh, the things were goin right we have done easy all cm's 100 and 98 but the complained about my cc and for the first boss of 98 i forgot stability, so becouse they were very offensive for this things i blocked but continued play, the final was that those 3 pp kikked me on 2nd phase of last boss 99, we don't have wiped one time i ressed multiple time those necros, so in my opinion the run was goin great there was no point to kick me at the end of the run like a childish rant. So the facts here were many and i know some of you agree on the kick (o no CC gotta brrr) but this is about how pp are in higher levels, there were no rush time for fractals like there is in raid, so why this behavour? insulting and kicking at the end for just rant and childish? also we were in combat why pp can kick in combat? i have my opinion on these kind of behavours and pp that YES they are ruining the game (i just started blocking pp a year ago there were no so such kind of pp in tyria before) and now i just come to frac or raid and always pp insulting other this is very sad, also yesterday one guy in the party started moching anoter ala for cc (not me this time) declaming is dps and skill, i know that in the game is illegal that someone tells you what damage and skill are u doing so i don't know way both arc dps and pp like this will be tollerable.


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This might be helpful for you


I'm not saying that they were right or wrong, I'm just saying based off experience people expect alac to do all the CC even if it isn't possible due to cooldowns.


98CM MAMA: Surge of the mists / staff 5 on Phase 1 , 2nd knight = darkrazor , Surge of the mists /staff 5 on Phase 3 , Surge of the mists/staff 5 on phase 4

98CM Siax: Surge of the mists + Darkrazor

98CM Ensolyss: Surge of the mists


99CM: Surge of the Mists on Skorvald / Artsariiv / Arkk

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5 hours ago, Linken.6345 said:

You probabely got a kick since you blocked them so they thought you ignored input and was not a team player.

i got kikked in last phase of 98 cm i repeat i done 100 99 and b1 e b2 of 98 no wipes so why kick its just bad behavours  also yes i blocked because of insults, next time ill go away after block it's sad this kind of things

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