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Revamp Bounties?

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Right now, bounties are pretty dead and people only do it for collection achievements. Bounty trains are mindless zerg-downs that don't really reward anything aside for achievements. Once people get the achievement, they're done with the bounty. Conceptually, Bounties are pretty cool for me and it is such a shame for bounties to be kept at this state. HoT has its own popular meta events, why not give PoF a lucrative feature as well?


First of all, it HAS to be rewarding. It doesn't have to be the highest gold per hour content, but it needs to at least be comparable or a bit better than Silverwastes Farm, which is a common base-game gold farm (so I am considering RIBA silverwastes farming the baseline).


My idea for bounties to be revitalized are as follows:

-Increase profitability by increasing the Trade Contracts obtained per bounty. TP Selling the contents of crates in PoF (like House of Daoud Metal Crates) already have a profit of around 20 bronze per trade contract, but each crate costs 50 Trade Contracts and 630 Karma. So this may need to be changed to remove the Karma cost. Maybe gold + trade contracts. Whatever the numbers are, the tools are already in place to make doing bounties worthwhile gold-wise. 


That's the main idea. The following is a suggestion to make it a bit more skill-dependent and different from the already abundant zerg-the-map-down gold farm, but may be a bit more controversial because of the design principles of the game:

-Limit the number of people who can participate in bounties. Make it so there's an impassable bubble that appears when say 5 (possibly more for legendaries) people are already engaged with the bounty. Also possible is that when a group takes a bounty, the bounty from the board disappears and only that group can spawn and engage the bounty. A lot more bounties may need to be added for these to work though. This idea came from the recent Marionette Event, where individual skill mattered a lot because of the phase where only a couple of you needs to take down a boss. I get that this may be controversial because toxicity may come from this suggestion, which I know ANet actively avoids in Open World. But hey, they did it in Marionette, maybe they can do it for Bounties. Maybe people outside the bounty can use "Encourage" or something like that to give buffs to the people inside, when they are near the bubble and cannot enter, and let them get a portion of the reward. And to accommodate big groups, maybe there's a debuff for people who just did bounties that's long enough such that the other people who encouraged in the sidelines are now the ones who are going to engage the next bounty, with the previous set of people being the ones to "Encourage." 


I'm sure there's a way to accommodate at least 50 people per instance in this scenario by increasing the number of bounties and/or reducing the cooldowns of bounty recharges. 

What are your guys thoughts on this? Do you want bounties to be a more prominent feature of the game, or are you fine with it being this way?




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Increasing trade contracts might have a disastrous effect on the economy.  Not sure that's a great idea.  Neither is limiting players who can participate which goes against pretty much the concept of GW2 from inception.

Reducing recharge might be ok, but again that would increase trade contracts which might adversely impact the economy.

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