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  1. I actually think elementalists are in a good spot for melee playstyles. For the ranged weapons though… Staff needs a lot of love considering a large group of people pick elementalists because they wanna be the archetypal spell slinging mage.
  2. Yeah i totally understand ANet’s goal here. They dont want pirate ship fights sure, But you *have* to agree that outside bombing wvw zergs, the staff is outdated, right? I’m really hoping for some skill reworks especially in air. It needs to deal more damage and not just be a utility skill line. It can be with projectiles so it doesnt overperform in zergs, and im also hoping for more sources of burn from the fire line, which is condi damage that again, wont affect wvw zerging. Water and Earth are pretty good as it is though which is why staff is decent for support builds.
  3. Dismiss it and start fights with crash down for the extra damage and defiance bar break
  4. Hey at least he went to the forums to post why he likes his class, and not to complain!
  5. I totally agree and in this case they need to give buffs to the staff.
  6. It’s still probably MS. Yeah it sucks but it is what it is and we’r’e stuck with it.
  7. This is a bad hot take, because a lot of us are saying that yeah the damage nerf can be reasonable if it comes with some QoL changes *not* involving damage numbers.
  8. i mean sure nerf the damage if its overperforming for that particular niche scenario but at least round out the kit a bit for other content ANet? let the mage archetpye actually be a mage and not some melee spellsword or bruiser.
  9. As for class archetypes: Do you wanna go all in with the “slippery” hiding in plain sight mesmer who’s dodgy—dodgy? Go mirage. Do you wanna lean into time magic? Go Chronomancer Do you wanna get rid of the clones but still be a magical duelist? Go for Virtuoso. As for roles, all roles can do dps. Chronomancers can be tanks and supports Mirages can kinda be supports too Virtuoso is just pure dps. As for the difficulty, imo virtuoso is easiest, then mirage, then chronomancer. For sPvP, mirage and virtuoso can do well as duelists/roamers, chronoma
  10. I imagine this will work for one reason: The celestial roamer duels that already take forever will now take even longer leading to people getting bored of it. Hope they dont quit though.
  11. But it’s not incompatible lol. Its normal for MMOs to have smaller releases in between expansions. The system is fine as is, it just needs some clarification.
  12. No one said steam users are stupid. This is about being more transparent in advertising the “complete” bundle which isnt actually complete. It’ll leave a bad taste in the mouth of potential new players when they find out they dont actually have the complete game. Considering how some of the best content in the game is in LW episodes (skyscale for example), people who were deceived with the complete bundle will tend to be more vocal about it.
  13. Idk what to tell you, GW2 is already one of the most solo friendly mmo in that you dont have to organize groups at all and people just naturally gather for meta events. Sure there are some content that require groups like raids, are you expecting to solo that as well? As for strike missions, ANet already provided solo-friendly versions of them in EoD.
  14. Agreed. GW2 has one of the worst new player experience for people who wish to do group pve, meanwhile it has the best new player experience for people who want to do pvp. I don’t see how they can fix the new player experience for the pve side of things though since core tyria is super outdated design-wise, and the first taste of group content new players getis dungeons content and no virtually no one does that anymore.
  15. I agree completely with how bad jade bots are for alts, and is the opposite of how Anet tends to do things.
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