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I can play just once per full download, then entire game starts to download again

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So I can play just once per one full download of a game. If I exit the game and try to run it again it starts to download entire game again. By doing so the % installation is all the time at 0%, altrough it clearly shows the downloading is happening, and downloading files are not counted. Everytime I do this, the number of files to download is a total different number., and download actually never happens, it just shows the speed of download but not counting the files already downloaded. I need to restart the computer so the PROPER download actually starts downloading, until its done 100%, and I can hit PLAY button to play ONCE. As soon I will exit the game, all the installed client is gone and goes as explained.

I ve done this 2 times, Im not doing it 3rd time. Delete game if solution doesnt exist.

Anyone has similar problems and how to fix this? Please quick solution, i will not open any cmds and type blahblah there, and what not. If there is a solution with click or two, otherwise returning game imidiattely.


Thank you.

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The download progress is based on files remaining, not the total, so it always starts from 0% and shows the remaining number of files next to it. The full game is around 580k files.


The installed client is gone? As in the shortcut for GW2 no longer works? Anti-virus software, Avast specifically, has been causing that; Avast has been deleting/quarantining GW2, so it specifically needs to be whitelisted.

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Thank you for your response. I dont use any antivirus programs.  Right now, when exiting the game and starting to launch again, the launcher shows and this is the data on it:


11 mb/sec, downloading 800+ mb and rising, percentage 0%, files remaining: 36,028.


The mark "playable" is set at the start of the download  line, at 0%. The line doesnt move to show how much percentage is already downloaded, altrough its downloading right now. Auto-play is marked on, and where the button is to run the game it says "READY". I cant click the button READY to start the game. Currently, downloading at 10 mb/sec, and has 2700 mbs already downloaded. Percentage is still 0%, and will continue to be at 0% no matter how much is downloaded. Now,  Its at 3,128 mb, percentage still at 0%. The number of files is at all time the same: 36,028, and is not getting smaller.


I also added a link of a picture to see for yourself:



Thanks again.

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