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sms authentication

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Since several days now i am waiting for support to take up on my report about sms authentication.

To start with i have several accounts for gw2, i have on one account 2way authentication with the Authentiacator app.

The other 3 accounts i have not setup the authentication yet, tuesday when i login on one of the 3 accounts the game ask me for a sms code. When i checked these other 2 accounts they all wanted to have an sms code (which i didn't setup in the first place). Checked my phone no arenanet sms just in case, support ticket made no response as of yet. Tried to login with the 3 accounts on the support page, no joy. Not only i am missing my daily login rewards but also unable to join the guild events (Raids, Fractals, Guild events). Also these 3 accounts are fairly old accounts so i have accumulated a lot of ascended and legendary crafting materials. Any suggestions/advice on this rather strange happening?

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Are you sure it's not wanting an email code? Email authentication is enabled by default when the other two 2FA options aren't enabled, which sends a code to the account's email.


If it's wanting an SMS code and you didn't enable that, only support can help you. Try logging in to account.arena.net to see what it asks for.

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2 hours ago, AlteredEgo.8079 said:

Tnx first account has been reset, now waiting for the other.

Good that you got the first one back. If it was compromised, I recommend to also check the security of your accounts and the things that are connected to them (like email etc.). Because, if three of your accounts were compromised there may be some issues.

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