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A concise guide to Bandit Bounties.

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Rule number one: gather at least 3 players. One downed, one reviving, one doing damage and distracting.

This rule can be ignored if you are high level and gear enough so you can solo them although it takes looong.

Rule number two: keep your distance with ranged weapon, dodge and kite.

Some Bandits are dashing so it is virtually impossible to melee them, some have a spike area attack that deals heavy damage and launches unless you avoid it by standing between the spikes, and some drop stacks of condi fields (pro tip: have condi cleanse slotted) so "me go face" will result in you getting downed repeatedly and likely killed.

Rule number three: immediately run away after killing a Bandit so you don't get caught into an Executioner.

Exception to this rule is if there is a lot of you so you can take on Executioner and win.

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