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Which are the most desirable professions in PvE?

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If you mention fractals: firebrand and renegade. Warrior (berserker) if you are talking about fractals is less common now because of the condition meta but still is decent , it is also requested as "BS" in raids.

Nobody runs druid in fractals unless they are not up to date on the current metas , even if it is quite common in raids. Scourge isn't effective on power fights, it's quite mediocre sometimes such as on Keep Construct in Wing 3 or Conjured amalgamate in Wing 6. Whoever told you scourge is not great DPS is wrong because on fights that don't favor power it is able to do more DPS uptime than just about any other build (shortbow soulbeast is probably the other one) and the benchmark is ~37K after torment changes which is on par or exceeding full DPS condi Berserker, condi holo, condi tempest, condi soulbeast with two weaponsets, condi deadeye, etc.

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