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Revert Confusion Nerf


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The nerf to this condition has made condi Mesmer in gerneral a lot worse in all areas. If there was an abusing scenario by mesmers by certain groups in specific instances, isolate and fix those issues at hand. Let’s stop with the large band aid fix that makes things worse for the whole class and fix those specific instances where it is broken. 

The condition confusion itself was already niche itself as it would only be very effective in some cases and decent in others. Now it’s neither of them. 

I don’t like to add opinions into this, but from my perspective, when I think of Mesmer I think of confusion and that as a condition build, confusion should be at the top of damaging conditions, not torment or even bleeding in nowadays cases. I have plenty of logs where confusion is non existing on the dmg logs. That shouldn’t be the case with Mesmer.

Right now it feels like a waaaay weaker version of a condition revenant. It shouldn’t be that way. Let’s fix this together ARENANET! 

My suggestions listed in priority are 


1. Revert the changes to how it was before this change

2. If you won’t revert confusion at least revert all of the condition duration nerfs for all the skills you nerfed post May 11 on Mesmer.

3. Start buffing and lowering the Cooldowns of skills that already apply confusion so that we can apply it more consistently.


There’s nothing wrong with reverting a nerf. If anything I think that makes you look better and that you care and listen to the feedback of your loyal players. I really hope we can get this fixed soon!


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Confusion update 7.42.8b:

The confusion damage has been reverted to its previous state. Confusion is now limited to X + 0, XX maximum stacks per effective level of your character depending on the level of the map. Any stack you try to apply that exceeds the maximum allowed will be applied to yourself due to managing unhealthy amounts of confusion.


Warning: Confusion is dangerous. Stay safe.

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