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On 9/2/2021 at 10:52 AM, Archer.4362 said:

Anet, I know I ask a lot, but a lot, but when you remove the game that is lost in the placement when there is a disconnected. that in the 10 qualifying games you lose 3 by a dc and above it counts. I know I ask a lot but to patch it up at once.

It doesn't count.  Placement games are rated games just with a very heavy swing in how many points you win or lose, with your starting position based on your rating from the previous seasons. A DC will result in zero rating if you lost even if it's a placement and shows up as a loss in the placement screen.


If you check the PvP section of GW2 efficiency while your placement games are in the last 10 games played, you can see through the API what your rating is during placements as well as how much rating you are winning or losing that the game itself doesn't show you.

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