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Master of All Elements Buff


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Tempest’s lore is built around storms & support and Weaver specializes in combining two elements to create powerful spells. Core Elementalist was supposed to be the Master of All elements but this idea fell through the cracks with HOT and POF. The problem with buffing Core is the aftermath of buffing elite specs as well. To override this, Anet gave Core Revenant an F2 skill which doesn't apply to elite specs.


Same concept should apply to Core Elementalist: As a Core Elementalist, all Minor Adept Traits are buffed.


   Fire: Gain power while attuned to all elements

   Air: Move faster while attuned to all elements

   Earth: Strike damage taken is reduced while attuned to all elements

   Water: You and nearby allies recover health while attuned to all elements

   Arcane: Gain Might and Alacrity when you switch attunements


None of these buffs will apply to Tempest or Weaver; only Core Elementalist. Why Alacrity? When traited into a certain element, the adept grandmaster reduces the cooldown of all those skills. It stands to reason that Arcane should apply a similar buff to compensate for two elements not traited. Arcana’s Adept Grandmaster reduces attunement recharge so the traitline already supports the idea of reducing cooldowns.  


The exact numbers can be changed for balance. For example, Air should be 33% instead of 25%. Earth should have a 10% damage reduction rather than 7%. But no matter what, Core needs a buff and this is a good way of doing it.  

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