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"axe use requires the elite specialization firebrand"


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Hello, I have a boosted level 80 character and I have spent 52% into the firebrand elite specialization but when I try to equip an axe, it says "axe use requires the elite specialization firebrand, level 80".  So, when equipped there are no abilities in my bar.  I've tried taking it out and replacing and put it back in.  Switch to it in battle but no abilities are in my bar to fight with.  I'm quite new and this is my first level 80 guardian.  I figured I could put points into Firebrand I would be able to equip.  Am I missing something?  Thanks for any suggests or insight!

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You obviously have the Firebrand elite specialization unlocked or you wouldn't have been able to equip the Axe in the first place. In order to solve your issue, simply go to your Traits and select the Firebrand elite spec in the third category. Then you can equip/unequip the weapon.

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40 minutes ago, emperor.3682 said:

Thanks for your help!  I couldn't figure out why I could equip but not actually use it.  Now it's available for use. I appreciate it!

Using an Elite requires sacrificing one of your Core traitlines to remain balanced. They are always slotted into the third traitline and use of the weapons is also tied to it as well.


It also unlocks six extra utility skills (Mantras), once you've put all 250 points into Firebrand.

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