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Solo-ed Forging Steel (5-10 Players Recommended) Today!


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Soloing is often faster then joining a non pre-made through LFG (as the events don't upscale when you're solo), at least in my experience. Some of the public instances can be painful. Bring swiftness/superspeed to share when you're solo (if your class has it) to escort the tank quicker. You can skip an event or two by ignoring the mobs as long as the tank and escort NPCs don't get in combat.


Joining a pre made (with support boons and superspeed) is definitely faster, but sometimes it can take a while to get the LFG filled up!

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On 9/15/2021 at 4:16 PM, Shafi.8952 said:

I soloed Forging Steel today. Getting back into GW2 and catching up on story stuff before expansion. Had to solo this because no one else was around. Took me 80 mins.


Start (Timestamp: 1:10:57)

End (Timestamp: 2:29:29)


Probably not a big thing but I feel proud of it.

I disagree with the poster above me, I feel like it took longer solo. But you should list Forging steel groups under strikes. They almost never fill in their section of LFG that refers to the episode they launched under. Also they can be joined at any time, so just leave them up while you're soloing it, it'll fill. It usually does for me.

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