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  1. I completely agree. Unfortunately this isn't how they're trained to think XD.
  2. I was actually really hoping they would roll all expansions + all previous lw into Cantha/EOD. The exclusiveness of the episodes doesn't help the longevity of the content. IMO, giving players all the old content only makes sense as far as helping new players not immediately feel attacked by the cash shop and it helps give all that content more numbers, which is often a requirement for gw2 content to feel good.
  3. The only issue I see for new players is getting the appropriate gear. Also if they don't have the right gear, they're liability in terms of getting the top gold tier reward, which is usually the only tier worth it unless it's a daily & contributes to weekly chest. The biggest issue with strikes is reward vs. cost. It just rewards ascended gear -> you can get more gold climbing fractals with the same result of ascended gear. I actually did enjoy them but have discontinued once I realized I don't have infinite time and they didn't contribute to my legendary progression as much as I'd l
  4. I 100% agree. It's really cheesy when your team has way more downs on the enemy team, but the other team has 1 intelligent player who can finish people easy, they finish your 1 downed player and now you all are suddenly at a disadvantage. If you think about it, the team that got the most downs clearly has more skill, but one player has one good moment and it's all nullified (and sometimes that moment doesn't even require much skill -> enemy engi pops invuln potion and finishes your team mate), If they're allergic to removing downstate permanently then they should consider removing at lea
  5. I was surprised to see my old payment information when I went to go purchase EoD on the website. I don't like having my payment information saved on websites in general and I couldn't find a way to delete anything. It looks like the shop is auto-saving any payment information I'm entering and I don't like that behavior. Is there any way for me to delete my information after completing my purchase?
  6. My guess is we're not getting Tengus. We're probably never getting a new race, period. Unless they decide to allow you to play through the storyline of the new expansion as its personal story or something. The personal story content is actually quite a bit and I'm sure this is way too much work for little to no reward. Then you add on the requirements of rigging, etc for every item in the game ever, etc to the mix and it really is a lot of work. When I noticed this I was kind of concerned about the amount of hype the community fed itself around Tengu.
  7. You haven't seen the system at all -> They could have multiple CMs unlike current raids that to my knowledge only have 1. You haven't seen the system and are already judging it. O well. It just proves other things I've mentioned about the raid community at large. Like no matter what anet does, you won't be happy. Also you're clearly complaining about raids, so just doing more raids obviously would have been a bad choice XD. Casuals would have been mad about more exclusive content, hardcore raiders would have been mad about more of the same.
  8. I have really mixed feelings. ON the one hand, I see why players might think it's low-effort or budget given that the theme is the same on all. On the other hand, I really don't like how random some of the legendaries are. At least we have crystal armor for S4 E6 that would probably match this really nicely. Like the legendaries in game, especially the weapons, don't seem to really fit any themes and are kind of tacky on their own/dont' always seem to fit any other gear.
  9. What are you talking about? If my boat doesn't look like it's going to swallow the ocean in the void, the skin isn't worth buying XD.
  10. If the CMs add raid-level difficulty, why is that not enough for you? It sounded like they were trying to appease everyone. I mean mythic WoW raiders don't complain that they get harder versions of the same bosses more casual players do....
  11. I will say though that to me it's glaringly obvious that the NCsoft bean counters have been interfering with GW2: They've rehired some of the staff they laid off, implying that the studio was not allowed to keep everyone they wanted. I forgot which devs specifically I was researching when I found this out, but it's not just colin they brought back. And the reason they were rehired imo is GW2 actually saw massive revenue increases during the pandemic. So basically NCSoft gutted anet and then re-allowed them to hire the talent they needed back once the bean counters said it was okay. You'r
  12. I never played GW1 so I didn't understand how much of an injustice the IB saga ending was to the storyline, but WP clued me in. It also taught me that in game dev, your biggest tease should be the next plot point. It's fine to have all these random crazy loose ends in case you need to turn them into something bigger, but to tease something at the end of a game and leave it hanging for that many years and then scrap it so unceremoniously is just like shooting your fanbase in the face. Especially the lore junkies.
  13. The real question you should be asking is what's the most efficient way to accomplish your goal. Are you building ascended items? Trying to get Trophies? Level up crafting? I feel like if I'm being efficient I make 50-100g/week if I actually care to do the routines I have. I could go even further if I had more time. Raw cash is easier to come by sometimes. I actually like the loot system in this game even though it took me forever to learn. Almost everything has value and learning how to create value from it is one of the ways you can optimize your play.
  14. Nice point! Though to play devil's advocate, it's also hard to beat 40g/15-20 mins depending how hardcore you are
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