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  1. Your second video has renegades in it, are you sure that they're not helping with alacrity? Also it's not doing more than 40k consistently, rated DPS is 36k for the highest staff mirage. Also, while we're talking condi DPS benchmarks, axe mirage target for SH is 35k. One of the staff alacmages BARELY outdpsed it, the other fell below, significantly (I'm assuming it's a staff, don't see any of the twirling.). https://snowcrows.com/benchmarks/ The condi rens also barely fell below the staff/staff mirage. I feel like your post, especially as it relates to the second video is a gross overexxag
  2. Hold up. No. I think every class should have simpler and more complex builds. Not everyone wants to roll their face across a keyboard constantly. I mean Chrono used to be meta for quick and alac, but now everyone loves alacrigade/qb combo. A reason I hear all the time is that it's not difficult to provide your boon, whereas the classic diviner's chrono rotation was a bit annoying and clutch to learn. Most of mesmer's current builds are super complicated rotations. Please, leave this ONE alone. I'm sure condi chrono stacking will still be a thing. And you still have condi axe mirage for pure
  3. Another thing to consider is the Alacrigade is also adding to overall squad power DPS with a unique profession specific buff (Assasin's presence). Well full chrono condi comps still beat those numbers using smoke fields and focus. Are the numbers you're quoting also exploiting fields? If your numbers are correct, then part of me would be like "yeah it's overpowered" but that's only in the absence of abusing smoke fields. Field effects and trait interactions should be balanced separately and against each other as they can be exploited by other classes in different ways. I.E. I wouldn't ne
  4. I'm sorry, how is this broken when Alacrigade is pumping 24k diviner's power DPS (more than OP)? And double condi ren can cover Alacrity uptime fully in full viper's? Double Alacmirage in full viper's should be competitive with a double alacren setup doing the same. I don't know enough about the classes to know for sure, but I feel like every time purple gets a buff, the world ends. The only thing I could say is OP is maybe the amount of alacrity uptime, but even then, I don't think it's by much (OP admits to not having 100% uptime). You lose the ability to quickly replenish clones during t
  5. Except there's a PTR and boss guides are published at the time of PTR (or shortly thereafter) not world first race. So all of this "learning experience" happens before world first. Nice try. Enrage timers + a static health pool means DPS must hit a certain point. There is a hard cap, regardless of skill for DPS output at a given ilvl, the best way around it is proc based classes if your DPS cap is below the enrage timer/boss health pool threshold (as they have more variability either way). This is why player skill is important. The more skilled you are, the more you can take advantage of favor
  6. you're welcome to believe whatever you want, but you can't say Method's comp for castle Nathria wasn't proc heavy. I'm not trying to downplay their skill at all. Heck, being honest enough to realize you're more likely to win on a lucky pull is part of being skilled. My main point is that without a vertical progression illusion of difficulty (ilvls), high-end players need to be more clear on what they see as challenging, as the day any content is released, they'll have what they need to overcome it. EDIT:I've seen your response and am saddened you decided to focus on WoW players mainly in
  7. The first part of my statement, "The Top WoW guilds are plenty skilled" is meant to acknowledge that, I'm not trying to say they aren't skilled. I'm saying their ilvls prevent them from actually being able to kill the boss. Content creators for WoW have pointed out the reliance on Proc based classes to overcome this, if you were involved in the community you'd know this. I don't disagree with you that they're incredibly skilled, but it's false to say they're not using RNG to overcome ilvl issues. An unskilled player wouldn't be able to do what they do, but their skill is only half the equation
  8. Are you speaking from your personal beliefs or observation? In any case, anyone who believes the content isn't challenging enough needs to clearly communicate what sort of challenge they're looking for in a world of static gear progression to the devs. The Top WoW guilds are plenty skilled, but at the end of the day, they're winning their world first races using RNG because they know their ilvls haven't hit the right place yet to pass the content. Does challenging mean the guild has to pool together insane resources to build a legendary food that gives stats far greater than anything else i
  9. If you're on your own, plenty of the expansion areas can be challenging. Some meta events are challenging when you're doing them without a full zerg. Raids in this game are pretty challenging. Have you gotten outside of the core game yet?
  10. Okay, this all seems to contradict the assertion that raids are supposed to be easy with 3 healers, which is what I was responding to. I mean either the raids are so easy there's no use for an easy mode or they're so hard there is. I think we should go back to that. And the stance taken must apply to all bosses, imo. I also didn't intend heal scourge as full hard carry when I was thinking about it, I was just thinking the ability they have to pull people back, but that's good to know ; ) Does this mean perhaps a large portion of the raiding community doesn't want to deal with t
  11. If it's in the game, my thoughts are that it's on purpose. It's not necessarily a hard carry -> it's more a backup if people screw up. This goes back to my main criticism of training runs: They're not about kills. I have never in WoW seen someone say "don't use a class, it makes it too easy!" usually, the reaction is the opposite, I'm curious if other MMOs have communities more like WoW's. And then we wonder why people don't want to play with randos and don't play content XD.
  12. I was agreeing with this point as just an example, but for another, it's rare a trainer has ever tried to bring an HS into sloth for me. And I can't for the life of me figure out why. Doesn't boon thief also almost hard counter some mechanics as well? I'm sure there's way more than just this and 3 healers
  13. I still think the issue for raids in general is barrier to entry, but this is a good QoL. Heck, I still feel nervous I've forgotten how to do particular mechanics, even if I've done something before. It feels like to me, to be good, I need to be doing them all the time.
  14. This only works in some scenarios, further complicating this is this isn't taught in training runs. That's why I want training runs dead. They revolve a lot around teaching a meta that isn't necessarily about reliable kills, instructors that teach methods like that are rare in my limited experience. This is without going into how annoying the collections without raid locks are and why that requires a boss kill of every type. Also the few times I've seen LFGs for Meme groups hasn't gone over well. Apparently you can just grab 10 necros of various specs and go ham on VG according to the youtu
  15. Well if you go to EU fast farming raids are only beat by farmtrains of specific comps and require way more people and more time. ANd I don't think they are even using speed clear times. I'm seeing 30 mins for W1 and W7.
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