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  1. Basically, given the short duration of SOTO, i'm curious if the community felt like it was harder to keep up with the masteries and maxing them.
  2. I have mixed feelings about this. I agree with you that map completions are obnoxious. That being said, if getting an always BIS, account wide, top stats weapon in an MMO was easy, wouldn't that kill the MMO? I do think that sometimes anet draws out legendary acquisition with a tad too much tedium, especially the ones that require collections, BUT at the same time, if it were too easy, there wouldn't be a game.
  3. I think that there needs to be some kind of shake-up in the combat system. Rotations are more or less priority queues with few builds having what I could consider a satisfying "core rotation" (only weaver and mirage have one imo, and in weaver's case it can feel like a hindrance if the element you're attuned to doesn't have what you need in the moment). It's also problematic that so many things require breakbars now, but there's no standardization on availability of CC. I've been dabbling more in WoW lately and I'll just say pressing buttons feels more satisfying there, but the in-game systems outside of combat in GW2 are better. This became really obvious to me when i did a bunch of instanced PVE with nothing else in between. It felt more exhausting than fun when i was done. I guess fresh air tempest KIND OF has a core rotation, but it's really twitch and doesn't feel satisfying and is easy to screw up.
  4. 30c a piece. I guess no one is working on nevermore still.... Mats in general seem really cheap. So much so that the small number of blues I Id'd didn't pay for themselves after salvaging. I'm guessing if I had better luck on the ID phase it would have been okay, but given what I salvaged it would have been more profitable to vend.
  5. There are some metas with lots of monsters with a real loot table with the chance to drop t6 mats and/or small amounts of copper/silver and then there's activities like Convergences and the Cold War pre event where there's no loot whatsoever. What gives? I'm not entirely sure that a convergence has more monster kills than what I would consider equal to a monster packed meta. I'd rather they capped farmable loot in those than just not having it at all (I see convergences could probably be farmed for drops if they had them, but I don't think that's a good reason, there needs to another way). it's weird to have stats like MF and gold find but create so many situations where it's useless. There are some activities where the random drops give a huge payout, which I like. it makes me feel good for investing in developing my account.
  6. While I'd love to see more from the old lore like the Mursaat and other fantastical things I've seen so far (I didn't play GW1), I'm afraid it would box them in. They could revert it to medieval by claiming that jade tech ran out of dragon battery for x lore reason. The might still have an engi-like thing, but keep it kind of steam punk/primitive.
  7. I thought I heard something to that effect, but I can't find it. That being said, i found proof they were intending for this installment to last at least another 10 years (I believe this is from 2022): Looking Back on the First Decade of 〈Guild Wars 2〉 Bobby Stein, Narrative Director & Aaron Coberly, Art Director at Arenanet (ncsoft.com) Though really breaking up the game into a new installment generally hasn't worked well for MMOs. And the most popular MMOs are ones that have stuck around for longer and had devs do new things/fix them over time. If they want to release a new client with better visuals or update systems, great. But making players start over, is very blech. They can use the mastery system on newer installments to help players still be able to operate relatively well in other environments kind of like how they gave everyone with SoTo the ability to unlock the skyscale. I'd also be fine if it was a completely different genre and developed alongside GW2.
  8. If it was a completely different experience and genre with them continuing to update and work on GW2, I'd totally be down. I love ARPGs, just don't make me MMO all over again.
  9. The only thing I'd want is like an engine update and/or systems update. If they're going to tell me to start all over again after the 6-8 years I've invested in this game, I'm gonna cry. I'm 95th percentile in terms of owned legendaries. I've invested a lot into this game under the promise it was the final installment and believing in permanent progress, I refuse to start over.
  10. I'm expecting them to re-release a new trinket combo at some point. It'll come. Season 3 and 4 are starting to get so old they can't leave it as is.
  11. I mean soo won is essentially a dps check. Dps allows you to skip mechanics as well as being the reason a given group does or doesn't pass the encounter. Whether or not they provide a dps meter is irrelevant: any sort of enrage timer is essentially a dps check when you have builds that can literally do 0 damage or very close to it. Co cm is not hard in mechanics per se, but there's so many it's easy for someone to die and miss the enrage timer.
  12. This would solve my problems actually. I'd like to get some friends playing with me w/o forcing them through story. Though it just makes sense: transmutation shards are there. There's also build templates. You'd think tpf isn't as exclusive as templates.
  13. Asking for a friend. It's really useful for a lot of things. And can help people who don't like story quests skip the storyline before doing soto.
  14. Yeah I'm really curious what % of the player base were actually pulling SC numbers. And if most players couldn't pull those numbers, they need increase the skill floor while decreasing the output of skill cap.
  15. If they siphoned them away from players actually trying, yes. Otherwise it sucks being punished for something entirely out of your control.
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