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  1. I'm expecting them to re-release a new trinket combo at some point. It'll come. Season 3 and 4 are starting to get so old they can't leave it as is.
  2. I mean soo won is essentially a dps check. Dps allows you to skip mechanics as well as being the reason a given group does or doesn't pass the encounter. Whether or not they provide a dps meter is irrelevant: any sort of enrage timer is essentially a dps check when you have builds that can literally do 0 damage or very close to it. Co cm is not hard in mechanics per se, but there's so many it's easy for someone to die and miss the enrage timer.
  3. This would solve my problems actually. I'd like to get some friends playing with me w/o forcing them through story. Though it just makes sense: transmutation shards are there. There's also build templates. You'd think tpf isn't as exclusive as templates.
  4. Asking for a friend. It's really useful for a lot of things. And can help people who don't like story quests skip the storyline before doing soto.
  5. Yeah I'm really curious what % of the player base were actually pulling SC numbers. And if most players couldn't pull those numbers, they need increase the skill floor while decreasing the output of skill cap.
  6. If they siphoned them away from players actually trying, yes. Otherwise it sucks being punished for something entirely out of your control.
  7. Hopefully they see this and can make more interesting relic effects and also make them worth it. Some of the relics mentioned weren't meta for anything, so few people probably saw them in action. I loved the golemancer builds even though I never saw it, I thought it was cool people were doing it. It's good feedback, I don't understand why it's "confusing" to so many people. I'm fine with boring relics that are meta, but flavorful ones are great too.
  8. I could have sworn I saw pchrono benches that high when i came back in PoF. I don't think this is a big deal. If you don't like it, it's probably just become more people are learning the game, I don't want us all to be nerfed into mediocrity. If some bosses need a little more HP in open world I'd rather have that. That being said, I certainly don't want more of the damage sponge style bosses we've been getting in more recent fractals.
  9. Alot of raiders on these forums can come across that way. So can some of the pugging commanders. But if you learn in the right contexts, this kind of starts to vanish. As you get better, you don't get people ragging on you, even when you interact with the more toxic parts of the community. I used to feel the same way, but got trained by a really nice person and I've been able to raid reliably in NA raid academeny practice/clear runs ever since. NA raid academy tends to not even have people like that (I can count kittens being elitist on 1 hand from that community), but it felt useless before I was trained because of how infrequent trianing groups were and how hard it was to make them. Also when I've dared to pug, usually the groups asking for KP do worse than the ones that explicitly say they're practice runs, because I think that people actually study mechanics more when they're not as experienced and some experienced players re-join after months of inactivity or have just been carried way too much. The worst part about training runs is when it's clear the group doesn't have the skill in the specialized roles to succeed and it's just not going to work out/the right people are going to figure it out in that session. I think if encounters are designed with fewer situations like that, then you'll see more people raiding/doing strike CMs. Though there's a lot wrong with the implementation of strike CMs I won't go into here.
  10. ALso nerfing the imaginary axes from the clones and lacerating chop specifically has the unintended side effect of increasing the skill cap of the build (as was nerfing the auto chain from the clones previouly before this patch). I remember before the relic updates I could do decent damage if I was just good with timing on my ambushes to eat all my energy, just recently I feel like I was struggling with doing decent damage even recently with all the right relics. Increasing the required skill to properly play the profession won't help, and I'm very close to just swapping to condi virt 100% of the time as it seems more reliable and has self healing to boot.
  11. They're not going to tell us before it launches. The best thing you can do is earn all 7 before the patch launches so maybe they'll give you the head start. I don't know when the cut-off is for who does/doesn't get the bonus. I would avoid even trying to build it for at least 2 months after it launches. I bet you all the tradable mats for it will be sky high and won't even start coming down until then.
  12. Except this isn't how it works in practice. I've literally had it come up mid-meta and if I accept the prompt, 90% of the time the map I'm moved to is less populated and the meta hasn't even started or has failed. They need to update the code to funnel players to the servers with the active metas and make sure this is actually what's happening. I have a suspicion there's a piece of this code that's used to clean up old maps, population be damned and it's messed up at least a few metas for me.
  13. They actually converted alt accounts to liquid gold over mats. They didn't completely erase them. The initial 90 gold for 6 aa is an easy dump. This was good because it rewards people for actually playing the game over alt account farming. And indirectly those alt accounts are fueling the economy as people who actually play trade their mats for the gold with the account farmers. The eod economy was ridiculously deflated and it was because of all the mats infused into the economy over gold. The biggest change was probably the silent nerf to spirit shard acquisition. They are no where near as common with them missing from the dailies. But it turned them back into what they were intended to be: and endgame currency that gets easier to earn the more ap/account unlocks you do.
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