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Electro-whirl has a new sound effect added on top ​😨​


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Didn't notice, since I was playing alot with sounds being really low for a while and hearing music instead. But yeah, it seems that many of the hammer skills got new sound effects.

I guess the intention was to make it sound more electrical in theme. Hammer 2 and 5 especially changed quite some. I don't really mind the change, though. 5 sounds more powerful now as well, which is nice.

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I posted in the bug forum about this a few weeks ago. It's not actually a new effect. What they've done is removed the deep powerful effect it used to have. So the electric sound is more pronounced. It used to pulse this deep low noise twice that you get from say thunderclap. For me it feels like it sounds weaker than it was before as it's lacking the weight it used to have plus makes it inconsistent with other hammer skills.

I used to spam this skill randomly sometimes as I loved hearing the deep pulse sounds. Now they're gone 😞


(I don't know how else to describe it other than a deep low sound, if you listen carefully to hammer 4 and 5 they have a similar low effect)

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