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  1. We desperately need a condition spec. If we want to play condi dps, we are still forced into a 3 kit setup (flamethrower, bombs, grenades). Holosmith changed this for power dps builds by giving us powerful power damage skills outside of the kits, but we got nothing for conditions to this point basically all our condi damage is from kits. So please give us some nice condition damage utility skills which deal damage good enough to replace some kits from our bar. Holosmith and scrapper being heavily power focused also would make it terrible to give us a third power spec.
  2. Really enjoyable spec for me, I like the general gameplay and pistol is a nice weapon. What's mostly needed is to fix stuff like dragon trigger missing jumping/elevated targets. Should also get considered to let people get into dragon trigger stance even if currently using their other weapon set (if needed, just make it locked if gunsaber is on cooldown). But these are my only real struggles with the spec, the rest seems fine and really fun for me. First time that I was interested in a class outside of engineer for me and I have a blast with bladesworn.
  3. Played it for some hours today and gotta say, I quite enjoy it. Obviously, it is not perfect right now and can use some adjustments. Like giving access to dragon trigger in your other weapon set, too and make the dragon trigger skills not miss elevated enemies and such. But the general gameplay is really fun for me. With the right setup, you can build up flow really fast and spam dragon trigger all day, oneshotting alot of stuff in PvE. Pistol was fun for me to play as well, love the unload mechanic (obviously, it has been a mechanic I suggested myself before this came to be her
  4. Lmao, you already got a powercrept version of explosive temper. Leave it at this, please.
  5. A friend of mine and I believe that elementalist had some problems in development, so it got cuts here and there. It's kinda suspicious that the last elite specs shown to us are all medium classes. Maybe it was planned that the armor classes are going into beta together, as people expected, but then they had to swap the elementalist out for guardian (willbender), since the ele spec was not yet quite ready for beta testing. Wouldn't be something new, Anet tends to just throw stuff together if their initial idea for an elite spec doesn't work out. This is what happened with tempest and
  6. Most likely, ranger receives hammer as their elite spec weapon.
  7. At the same time it is the minimum. With our very small pool of weapons, an offhand mace won't do us a favour. There is literally just one single mainhand weapon to combine it with: pistol As a mainhand, we can at least combine it with pistol and shield.
  8. Rifle turret has a strong toolbelt. Rocket turret is arguable, it can hit fairly hard, but is almost useless at range, since the travel time is way too long. But all the other toolbelt skills from turrets are bad, tbh.
  9. Sure, this doesn't change much. I am just saying I don't think that anet will do it at that point anymore. They advertised the elite spec with an offhand pistol already, changing this up to a mainhand weapon seems weird. I think it is too late for such a change, they will stick to what they have and just tweak stuff here and there, but not making as massive fundamental changes as making the offhand pistol a mainhand one. I just think this is not realistic.
  10. I think they actually thought this through.... The elite spec already comes with a package of 10 new skills for the elite spec mechanic (5 skills from gunsaber + 5 skills from dragon trigger). So if there is a time to not give warrior a dual wield weapon, it is now with this spec providing alot of other skills through the mechanic. Also it is not half a weapon... it is an offhand weapon choice. Saying this is "just providing half the weapon" would also say that weaver and holosmith just got half a weapon for their elite specs, which isn't a fair statement either.
  11. I highly doubt that anet is willing to give warrior access to stealth, tbh. Remember from the stream, the portion where they were discussing which combo field to give to the catalyst for the earth attunement? Smoke field was brought up, but immediately shut down with "bad idea, don't give elementalist access to stealth". I think it is the same for warrior, the class will probably never get access to stealth by themselves. Warrior has alot of highly telegraphed attacks, which could be hidden with stealth. Dragon trigger is the newest addition and I don't think they will allow you to c
  12. This spec really is a blend of warrior and engineer. They even gave you our suffering when using flamethrower against a slightly elevated enemy. It's a masterpiece.
  13. Nice try, but no. But if our elite spec really turns out to be AI minions once again, I would gladly trade that for bladesworn. 😛
  14. Nah, gunsaber would need to become our new weapon type as a greatsword, since we already have dual pistols.
  15. I don't see how a bow counts towards them being technological... bow and arrow as weapons are way older than, say, a sword. It is a very primitive weapon, so to speak. Definitely can't hold a candle over warrior having a rifle. Traps are also not as impressive in technology if you consider how long humanity is already crafting traps for hunting. Anyway, I think anet just sees warrior as a blank canvas. Being a warrior is just so undefined... a warrior can literally be anything. And since Cantha is going to have a high technological standard, it seems they just thought it is fitting that t
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