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  1. On the contrary, can we also give mace to any non-heavy class? That the 3 classes which can use mace are all heavy armor classes is kinda weird and I would love to build Heureka for my engineer.
  2. Technically, the minimum is 15 seconds with healing turret if you pick it up then.
  3. Sounds good for me. The minimum CD of a healing skill currently would be 14,5 seconds with bandage self while using the tools trait line. But I don't think it necessarily needs to be that low, 20 seconds CD for the trait should probably be fine. It leaves most healing skills untouched (elixir h with HGH, healing turret without picking it back up, AED, medic gyro) and just slightly nerfs the uptime of med kit in the commonly used healing build (so without tools, giving the superspeed every 20 seconds now instead of every 17).
  4. I saw this already suggested, but balancing this stuff is kinda weird. In my opinion, they put the AoE superspeed on the healing skill because it means a bigger opportunity cost. If you want to grant superspeed to others using this trait, you have to use the healing skill, even if it might not be the best moment to do so. By putting it on the med kit with a CD, you basically don't have any opportunity cost for using the AoE superspeed anymore. As an engi main, I would like this change, since it would make quickness application as a heal scrapper in PvE alot
  5. Don't know if this is supposed to be sarcastic or not. If not: why is every other healing skill still allowed to apply 12 seconds of superspeed? The other healing skills have their healing skill and toolbelt skill activates seperated, so they can still get the full 12 seconds superspeed in total by just waiting 2 seconds between the activations of these skills. And there really isn't that much opportunity cost to using something like toss elixir h for the superspeed.
  6. Nope. When Anet reworked scrapper to get the minor trait with 7 seconds of self superspeed on toolbelt and 5 seconds of AoE superspeed on heal, they coded a special exception for bandage self. These 2 superspeed didn't overwrite each other, they coded it that way that the scrapper gets 12 seconds of self superspeed and grants 5 seconds of AoE superspeed.
  7. Druids are babysitting spirits, because they are great unique buffs for group dps. So it is not that other skills are underperforming, but that spirits are overperforming... they are so strong that you are required to take them in an organised group. Same is true for banners from warrior, for example.
  8. On the other hand, this would mean to nerf traits "just because". Reducing the superspeed provided from the scrapper minor trait is a nerf for every other healing skill, except med kit, since these can use the on healing skill and on healing toolbelt skill portions seperatedly. They could also adjust this case by upping the limit a bit. Make it 12 seconds instead of 10 and you fixed the interaction while not nerfing all the other healing skills.
  9. This system doesn't make sense for ranger specifically, tho. If heroes come back, then for all classes equally. And it is kinda unlikely to happen, in GW1, it made sense, since the game was balanced around groups in PvE and heroes allowed you to discover the world without other players. In GW2, the PvE is balanced for solo players with the exception of big meta events. So there is no need for heroes and henchmen to come back in the first place. On top of this topic being misplaced in a thread about ranger pets... which are a different mechanic. My joke
  10. I first didn't really like it mostly because of the thematic. It felt a bit over the top for me to throw lasers everywhere. But after a while, I started liking it. Watching for my heat is actually something I really enjoy, since it is just different from what other classes have. Other classes build up a ressource to use their mechanic for a limited time (celestial avatar from druid or death shroud from necromancer for example), but holosmith is the other way around. Using the photon forge builds up the ressource and you have to watch out to not overuse it or eat the punishment.
  11. I have to ask: do you actually play engineer? Because this idea suggests that you don't. While the idea to make all kit specific traits global might sound good at first, if you look deeper into it, it really doesn't make much sense. Neither thematically nor gameplaywise. Grenadier is increasing the velocity of grenades.... how is this going to do anything for bomb kit, for example? I can see it increasing velocity of projectiles in general from kits, but there are some kits without any projectiles, like bomb kit and tool kit. Another problem: multiple cdr sources.
  12. Just to name a few points, which make me think it is fake: Ranger elite spec is supposed to be Kurzick themed, yet it utilises a war turtle for the elite skill, which was a Luxon thing Songstress as an elite spec name doesn't make that much sense, considering that a songstress is explicitly female Constructor elite spec for engi: utilises minions again, while Anet has the stance that ai utility skills shouldn't be competitive (look at our turrets) and Anet already failed with implementing another minion type for engi (gyros), seems like Anet setting themselves up for failure
  13. Ah yes, I know that leak. Honestly, I think it is most likely fake. There is quite a bunch of stuff which doesn't make sense.
  14. They simply won't design an elite spec without a new weapon, since unlocking a new weapon for your character is one of the major appeals of elite specs (just look at all the speculation threads with people just asking what others think the next unlocked weapon will be). It is a fun thought, but it is basically ruled out to ever happen.
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