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  1. Considering that you detonate the canisters, there is a slight chance that all the arrows produce a blast finisher. But if that is not the case, then yeah, won't get played on scrapper support.
  2. Not even angry, just disappointed. I was hoping for a reason to return to the game, so I was highly anticipating this weapon reveal. But I guess I just won't.
  3. Did I read that right... basically the skills 2-5 are all these canisters with just different effects in their AoE? That.... sounds extremely underwhelming. kitten, am I glad that I stopped playing this game.
  4. I think scrapper was also initially supposed to have some kind of resource management. In the blog post in which they advertised scrapper for the first time, they specifically mention that gyros will have fuel and if said fuel is running out, they will explode. Then we got shown the minion gyros and the fuel was literally just an icon on the gyro which showed the duration the gyro does it's thing until exploding. I also believe scrapper might have been an early concept of the heat system of the holosmith. Fuel and the fiery animation of rocket charge makes me think that the class wasn't supposed to have the electrical theme it has now, but was supposed to work with flames and explosions initially. Rocket charge just sticks out like a sore thumb in the hammer kit. All other skills have the electrical theme, except rocket charge. I think they just kept this skill with an explosive theme because they already presented it to the players and therefore HAD to keep it.
  5. Now I imagined Donkey Kong as a dual sword wielding necromancer. I need someone to draw this.
  6. But they failed to address the problem which they said they want to address, which has been that we had specific skills forced into our builds which was restricting build options. All they did was changing the type of skills you get forced into your build. Instead of gyros forced onto us, we have fields and blast/leap finishers forced into our builds. Other classes have the boon generation tied to their class mechanic which they get for free, therefore there are no skills "forced into their skill bar". Because these skills were never a choice in the first place, they are just there. Like the druid celestial avatar skills, or bladesworn dragon trigger, or deadeye and their mark mechanic, or untamed and their ambush skills, etc. If they want to free up our build choices, they would also have to tie the quickness output to a mechanic we get for free for picking scrapper.
  7. I personally think holosmith is the engineer/warrior fusion. The heat mechanic is mimicing the adrenaline mechanic of the warrior, both in gameplay and thematically. And the photon forge itself is giving us the weapon master fantasy of the warrior. The photon forge actually does use a big variety of weapons visually. The auto attacks and 2 are using a sword, skill 3 uses a staff, skill 4 uses dual pistols (or a speargun underwater) and skill 5 uses a hammer.
  8. Stopped playing this game some months ago. Best decision ever.
  9. Anet deliberately never gave ranger rifle, because it is an unfitting weapon for the fantasy they have for this class. Ranger is the "nature class". Themes are nature, plants, animals, etc. They aim to be one with nature. And they don't want to give ranger technology themed weapons like pistol or rifle because this would contradict this idea they had. Rifles are a symbol of technology, industrial revolution and exploitation of nature. Just watch the movie Princess Mononoke, it represents this concept perfectly. So I think rifle will be the dead last they ever add to ranger, if ever.
  10. Lol, good luck with that. We were asking for the removal of RNG from engineer since release of the game and they still didn't manage to do this job properly. Let's have this discussion again in 10 years.
  11. This just makes one of the core issues of scrapper more apparent: It has no real class mechanic. Scrapper quickness generation will always force some skills or others into your skill bar, simply because there is no other way to implement it into scrapper. Let's look how other elite specs are distributing these key boons: Druid: While this spec has its own set of problems, the utility skill bar is free for them to chose how they see fit. Because the alacrity comes from the celestial avatar mode, which is their class mechanic they get for picking druid in the first place. So no investment in utility skills is needed. Untamed: Creates quickness with their ambushes, which again is a class mechanic they get for picking untamed in the first place. Tempest: Gives alacrity through overloading. You guessed it, class mechanic. Bladesworn: Gives alacrity through dragon trigger, class mechanic. Willbender: Gives alacrity through using flowing resolve, class mechanic. And so on and so forth. The only sad excuse of a class mechanic which scrapper has is the function gyro. To make scrapper work in a similar way and allow us to pick our weapons and utility skills freely, they would have to load so much quickness into the function gyro that we can keep up permanent quickness just with the use of this single skill alone. Which is most likely not gonna happen. This will keep being the problem with scrapper (utility skills/weapons forced into our builds which we have to spam off cooldown for the boon) until Anet decides that scrapper deserves to have an actual class mechanic instead of just one single skill change.
  12. Yeah, it is apparent, but how Anet has implemented these aspects into the game just hurt the engineer in the long run. The self CC is one example I mentioned, which they have completely removed. Another aspect which was supposed to represent this mad scientist idea has been that elixirs used to be a bunch of randomized effects, also mostly removed (with elixir x being the only real remnant of this old system). You can give off the feeling of mad scientists without making the class clunky to play or have coin tosses which are frustrating for both sides in a fight. But Anet is just weird like that and they will continue to build in mechanics into engineer which will hurt it in the long run.
  13. Yep, or how overcharged shot and rocket boots used to be the only skills (to my knowledge) which hard CCed the user. Also both engineer. In general, it just seems a theme anet pushes for engineer. Engineers are masochists. I am just glad that I am taking a long break from this game. Maybe I will come back when they introduce an underwater mech (so probably never).
  14. Yeah, I am also not a fan of how scifi the class has become with holosmith and mechanist. The original more steam/chempunkish feel of the engineer is more appealing for me.
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