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Guild Decorations - Account or Guild Bound

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Hey all, not sure how to ask this question but basically its 2 things.

1. When I buy / receive a guild decoration and use it in my guild hall. If I leave the guild, do the decorations remain there? If so, why? That's messed up, why don't they just remove it and store it in your storage instead?

2. When I buy a guild decoration, does it instantly get stored in the guild storage of the guild I'm currently representing? If so, if there a way to take it out and move it to another one of my guild's storage?



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1.) Yeah, they stay with the guild. They built the whole system hoping groups of people would pool resources, work together, build cool stuff, and enjoy it. The reality is that this doesn't happen as much as was intended, people squabble, get petty, kick each other out of groups, or invest a lot of time and effort and then their group dies off, leaving them with an empty hall with potentially hundreds of gold poured into it for essentially no purpose.

2.) Yes, but actually no. Some decorations enter your inventory as a redeemable token that you physically bring to a vendor in the hall and others automatically consume and apply to your repped guild upon purchase. You can refer to the wiki for each one to see how it'll apply before you waste currency accidentally sending a decoration to the wrong place.

EDIT: Also, I found out recently that if you raid, you won't get decoration drops as loot unless you're repping a guild, so do with that information what you will.

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Just remember that all guild hall decorations donated or given to the guild belongs to that guild. And stays in that guild. Even the Guild Founders or Leaders cannot take them out if they were to decide to leave or delete their guilds. All decorations deposited into the guild cannot be withdrawn out at all and they are only for use in the GH by the appointed decorators. You can say GH decos are guild bound.

My guess is that you are claiming your own private guild and would like to take back whatever decos you have given and donated to the present guild(s)? 🙂

But imagine how chaotic and messed up it will be for the existing guild hall if every one could do that.

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