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  1. Buying it from the gem store takes even lesser effort, and most likely it should cost less than a cup of Starbuck coffee. I am willing to trade a cup of coffee for having to wait for a few days to a week for rheir approval and you need to come up with 5 names 😓 That's the hassle. If you don't mind good for you, now let others have a choice and willing to pay real money to support the game.
  2. Yes you can seek support for help if you want to change the guild name but the process is so cumbersome. Just let us pay for a guild name change contract, make extra revenues, win-win situation.
  3. An RP guild? An Anime guild? A joke? Honestly I don't even understand what that 'ready for the monster' mean in the other topic. Well, good luck in getting members in.
  4. Same here. I believe that is just a glitched error message. So continue to click ok and you can purchase from the store as per normal. I hope.
  5. Hi. Every few months this is happening. When I login to the game, suddenly my characters will start walking or running with a crippled shuddering animation. Even when moving backwards or on a mount. I have to jump forward and continue walking/running and that will remove the glitched movements. But the moment I stopped and then moved again, the cripple and shudders came back. Many times over the years, I wrote to support for help and usually within 24 hrs the problem is fixed. But a few months later, the glitched animations came back and I have to report again. I cannot understand why this problem persisted after so many tears, like there is no permanent solution? As for my side, no I did not do anything in particular to my computer that is why I cannot understand what is wrong. Does any one of you guys experienced same problem? I did data repair too but that didn't help at all. Thanks for reading.
  6. I am one of them. Hi 🙋‍♀️ I anticipated that it will be around this price, so no surprise there 😄 Waited for years for these, thank you ANet ♡
  7. Who is We? I was in Arborstone on 18 June, 06:30 am (my time zone is UTC +8) and a few players were with me but nothing is happening there and nothing in LFG. Oh nvm.
  8. I was there at around 22.30 UTC for the NA event but not a single soul is around. Nothing in the LFG too 😕
  9. Better not let this be another gamble and put them in the BLC. Please.
  10. Did you miss the part where he said " we can instantly let billions of players know about your game...." B i l l i o n s 😱
  11. I have to ask, will we be getting a one-piece variant too? Or they are all two-piece bikinis? IRL I swim regularly and I would prefer a one piece swimsuit. With high cuts of course 🤭
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