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Weaver dual attack cooldown reduction suggestion


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If in 10 years a random anet developer decides to give a kitten about elementalist and rework conjures, rework elementals,  rework unused traits, rework scepter skills,  buff staff skills,  buff survivability and buff damage above what a core revenant can do auto attacking, and they run out of things that they can do for the class, here's one more idea for the pile of wasted potential that is ele 

Have the dual attack skill of 2 given attunements be reduced if you have the cooldown reduction skill of both attunements . So for example if my trait lines are earth , fire, and weaver, then ashen blast would get a 20% cooldown reduction , just like all other fire and earth skills do. 

This would mean that you get at most 20% cooldown reduction on a single dual attack skill,  if you decide to not run arcane.  This would make sense from a technical level, since if a skill is 50% fire and 50% air and you reduce the cooldown of both kinds of skills by 20% then it's understandable that you get 20% reduction on the mixed skill, and more importantly it would make weaver more fun, since one of the best parts of weaver is dual attacks, and you would get to use your favourite dual attack skill more often.

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I actually had a similar idea way back, but instead of only granting the reduction if you have both specializations, my suggestion was to add a new effect to each of the cooldown reduction traits that reduced the cooldown of all dual skills associated with that element by 10%. Still the same function as your suggestion, just with a little bit more splitting across all specs that would let you get some benefit even if you take arcane/x/weaver.


Regardless, I agree with the sentiment wholeheartedly.

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