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Ascended Salvage Kit drop rate


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First world problem: Armory came out, now I'm left with around 500 Ascended items from 14 fully geared up toons that I need to salvage. Already vendored the weapons that could be sold for 1G. Kits are 1G a piece so that's 500G I don't plan to spend on salvage tools.


Whatever happened to 20 Ascended Salvage Kits dropping form fractals? And from the Fractal Reliquary? Like seriously I haven't have one drop or seen it on the Reliquary in over a year , when I remember the drop rate used to be so much better that at some point I had salvaged all my extra rings and still had 3 20x kits left. (I think last time I saw it on the Reliquary was around when Bjora marches came out)


Now the pun: I do fractals with the hope that one of them will drop and I can make a small dent on that 400+ waste of space (but possibly some good stuff from salvage). IF I get an ascended kit, it's a 1 charge one. Then I get 4-7 rings... so that's not helping at all to my problem, it's actually making it worse!


I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one with this problem and there's definitely people with more geared up toons than me (I know someone that had over 30 before armory came out), so is there something that can be done about this? Maybe lowering the cost of the Ascended tools, or even making a permanent one like the Copper/Silver-fed-o-matic. I would buy that. But with over 150 rings that even when attuned and infused give me 4 stabilizing matrices, it's a loss 100% of the time and not worth playing that game.

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yeah it's annoying. I recently got another account and I'm trying to do fractals there for ascended armor. That account has on it 2x20 use salvage kits, plus some extra single ones and nothing to salvage while my main has over 500 things to salvage and 0 kits. it's like I'm being trolled by the RNG gods on my main account

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What I don't get is why ascended gear is suddenly obsolete though..
What's wrong with keeping ascended gear on toons even though you got armory..? Do you really stat-change that often to make it obsolete..???
You worked for it, piled up alot across toons - and just because you can now use leg. gear for all toons why do you need to salvage asc. gear just to gain extra profits?
Ascended salvage kits droprate shouldn't be geared towards people suddenly feeling like they need to get rid of all ascended gear, just because they can now go full leg. on all toons...
It's really a luxury "problem" - just keep the ascended gear on some toons?
Everything doesn't need to be optimised for profits, just because of leg. armory.. You had good use from it, and just because you can now use leg. armor doesn't make it useless - if it's so much of a burden, vendor it for a few silver and call it a day?
But wanting better salvage options to gain profits from it is really... Well, too much to ask for IMHO.

It's like asking for kits that returns more value from exotic gear (because they cost x amount of gold to craft), because what's the use of it after going to ascended/leg. gear - well, you get what you get from salvaging it, and the kits costs what they cost.
Min-maxing profits is really, well.. Unhealthy IMHO.

It's just a game..

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