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Framerate dropping during boss FoV change


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When entering some boss fights there is a 'cinematic' FoV change that interpolates the field of view to allow for more vision during a boss fight, and once the fight is over the same effect is ran to return the FoV back to normal. This is great, however it's extremely detrimental to the games framerate for some reason. Whenever this effect is triggered, FPS is nearly cut in half (if not worse) in almost every circumstance. 

I do want to mention that this issue happens in both DX9 and DX11 modes.

Some examples of where this effect happens (off the top of my head):

  • CM 98 (Nightmare) 
    • MAMA
    • Siax the Corrupted
    • Ensolyss of the Endless Torment
  • Wing 7 (The Key of Ahdashim)
    • Qadim the Peerless
  • Sandswept Isles
    • Defeat Zohaqan
  • Snowblind Fractal
    • Defeat the Elemental Source
  • Most (all?) World Bosses
  • Entering the Special Forces Training Area

Graphics Options:

Camera Options:

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14 hours ago, Ashen.1347 said:

Hey, I have the same problem. Did you ever manage to fix it? I was hoping to find an in-game setting to disable the dramatic zoom out/fov change, but I couldn't find one.

nope, as far as i know there is no fix to this issue, which is why im trying to report it here to anet... hopefully they see this post and do something about it :x

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