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Any teams/groups/events to help new WvW players?

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Title says it all ... long time PVE player and never really got into WvW ... that is until now. However, as I will be a newbie in WvW, are there any teams/groups/events that cater to new WvW players? I would hate to join an experienced group and get trashed and dumped because I didn't "follow their ROE"

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Which server are you on? WvW is the one area of the game that's still divided by server (Anet are working on changing that, but it's not done yet) so you can only play with people who are on the same one as you. Many servers have a Discord group or a dedicated forum or something so you could join that to meet other people who play WvW on your server and to ask questions.

Other than that I recommend looking for open tags - commander tags which are visible on the map and can be joined without an invite. That means they're willing to let anyone join and you can learn a lot just by following them, but I've also found they're usually willing to answer questions. When I was new to WvW (and sometimes still now) I took the approach of "the only stupid question is one you already know the answer to" so I'd ask about anything I didn't understand. "Why can't we attack the door?" "Why are we attacking this door?" "Why did we go past that tower instead of taking it?" "Why are we just standing here?" etc.

Incidentally the answers to those were:
1) If you attack a door instead of using siege orange crossed swords show up to alert the enemy.
2) Sometimes that doesn't matter because you know they're busy or you out number them and the extra damage is worth the risk.
3) Someone spotted that there's a bigger group of players inside so we don't stand a chance, or a more important target is vulnerable.
4) Some players are scouting the map and spotted a much bigger enemy group about to cross our path, we're waiting where they won't see us because if we fight them they'll wipe us out.

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what class you got for wvw ? for me i always had 2 build with me. and switch when i need it. specially when you run to the tags you may have with 1 vs 1 situation. so make sure you had the build for pvp when you along . after you reach the tags you will need to do group fight most of time. so you then use build can do multiple target.


I suggest you to use semi tank and range build when on zerg fight.  can give you more survival


if you meet opponent players you need face them unless you r a thief with lots of stealth. because they can catch you with their mount (which you wont have when you r new on wvw) if you see any NPC guard ( your side) around you, lead the opponent players to it. the NPC can help you a bit for the fight.





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