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Festival Dates Release


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I just want to say, Anet, that it's awesome of you to release the dates for the rest of the festivals from now through Lunar New Year.  Not only do people not need to worry about when/if they are coming, but we know exactly when to plan for and how long we will have to enjoy them.  It's not a huge thing at all; but it is a very nice QoL thing that I, for one, really appreciate.


Thanks again!

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I agree. I have a pretty erratic real-life schedule and it's helpful to be able to plan things in advance. Mostly of course that means working out what I need to rush because I'm going to miss most of it due to real life stuff (for example depending on the end date I might only get to play for 4 days of the Wintersday festival this year), but sometimes I have some flexibility in how and when I do things and it helps to know what's going on with all my hobbies when deciding what I want to do and where I want to be.

I'll have 2 extra days off I need to take in the next 2 weeks, due to working some extra evenings and weekends (I normally get that instead of overtime pay) and since there's not a lot else going on right now I'm thinking I might do it during the next beta test so I have more time to try out the elite specs, especially since ranger, thief and engineer are all ones I play a lot.

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