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  1. Same problem, only world bosses, but luckily, it seems to be after they're defeated and I get the chest. I figured, actually, it was just the huge number of people with the world boss rush. Seems to have calmed down after this last update this evening, but I could have just gotten lucky with the bosses.
  2. How'd you manage 74? Even with the above, according to the wiki, the max is still 70/71. I know personally I have all the above and bought them at the time, and maxed out at 71. I could see 72 possibly, with EoD, since I remember having an issue that never really got resolved with the veteran reward, but where'd the extra 3 come from? Character Slot Expansion - Guild Wars 2 Wiki (GW2W)
  3. I had the max 70 chars, and I preordered the ultimate and got the char slot. My max is now 71. Does that answer your question, or did I misunderstand what you were asking about? Edit: You don't get something to click on in-game, it just showed up in my log in screen.
  4. A gathering tool merchant inside the home instances, please?
  5. There is the Raiment of the Lich, as a succubus outfit. That usually comes out around Halloween. What about the Shrine Guardian or the Imperial Outfit? Again, I have to ask: can we get the beach towel chair that the NPCs are using at the beach with the rock stars in the 4 Winds festival?
  6. Yes, both to the Skyscale and the Warclaw. I love the idea of a Warclaw that pops when you dismount and throws confetti...
  7. Yeah, that's what had me confused, too. I thought I remember that one holiday food did, but wasn't sure about the rest.
  8. Svanir would then fit right in with the asuran fanboy of the commander. That would be hysterical. I am all for a Metal Legion concert at Dragon Bash. Next year, we can all get holographic Metal Legion shirts!
  9. It's also a lot closer to Four Winds than the other festivals are to each other. There's roughly six-eight weeks between the other festivals, if my rough calculations are close, except between Dragon Bash and Four Winds. It's another good reason not to make it as demanding as, say Halloween. I love the festivals, myself, though I also admit a little of that is pure nostalgia. I find the grind a lot more fun in the festivals than in other places in the game, and just flying through the dailies only takes about 10 minutes (depending on the dailies and timing; it might be all of 20
  10. Does anyone know, does holiday food count for the various achievements after the festival in question is over? Dragon Bash, obviously, is what I am thinking about right now, but I have foods saved up from all the holidays that I either forget to use or get so much of, I don't have time to finish it. I don't mind saving it, but I won't bother if it still counts for the achievements. I did wiki it, but couldn't find anything. And, this being a forum post... what do you think? Would you like to see it count in the off-seasons, or not?
  11. No, I think I see what the OP is saying. As another old-enemy-bring-back idea, right? Isn't the idea behind the arena in the 4 Winds that they made clockwork versions of old challenges or something like that? Though, with everything based in the arena in Divinity's Reach, they might have to either move the Marionette or explain the extension to EotN.
  12. Or even just expand what shows up in the Wardrobe section of the bank, so I can search "Legendary" and see ALL of the ones I don't have, not just the one set. Be nice if "Precurser" was a search thing, too.
  13. Yes. This. I also wish there was a toggle as well to set whether blank slots in the equipment slots show as blank, or whether they use what is in the previous or first tab. Meaning, if I only want to add weapons to an equipment slot, I wish it would default to the armor from the previous slot, the way leaving an off hand or a main hand slot empty defaults to the main hand or off hand in the other weapon slot. In many cases, I'll use the same armor in multiple places, but just want to swap out the weapons; I don't mind pinning it to multiple equipment slots, but then I have to r
  14. I really have to second the request for permanent gathering tools to be added to at least SOME kind of armory. I think adding them to the legendary armor as OP suggested is as good an idea as any, but it doesn't matter to me if it is the legendary armory or something else altogether. I appreciate that it might seem different to Anet, but certainly from a player's perspective (or, at least, this player), they function in much the same way, in terms of how they are stored, used, and the frustrations of forever switching them between characters only to forget to take them off after and having t
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