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  1. Just a reminder, too, for those who asked for things like gold for T3 armor or something, don't forget to post how much you need/have. It's hard to gift when you aren't sure if someone needs 200 gold or 2. πŸ˜„
  2. Edit: Yes! Once you have the chair up, someone can come up and click "sit", just like on a regular chair placed around the world.
  3. I appreciate it might possibly not be a popular opinion, but as far as I am concerned, Anet, that tea chair and tea pot focus are AWESOME. If I am going to be a magical girl, I absolutely want to have my tea. Also, after doing dailies first thing in the morning. And after a hard day getting kicked out of our own garrison in EB. And hitting people over the head with teapots, in the week leading up to Thanksgiving, makes my heart happy. Truly, it's a cute set, and it looks really good in game. Nice work, Anet! 🍡 (How come there's no tea pot emoji?!)
  4. Um... no. At least in my situation, this was an issue with some abusive people in my husband's family, and with some people we knew in real life who belonged to a guild in game who weren't dealing with his death well. And I kind of resent your immediate reaction is to blame me and the others dealing with this. You have NO evidence people were being "too free with their personal information." The answer is, (and to some other suggestions here, which I do think are good) is that, it's a 9 year old game, and there are a lot of people who play it who don't haunt the forums. Tota
  5. AND cannot see your characters' names. Preferably not see that you are on at all. Not all trolling and harassment is in-game or reportable. I've had people I knew irl track my playing - and, disturbingly, my daughters' - and post about it on Facebook. I don't use social media anymore because of it, but it's still very unsettling, knowing I can't do a thing to keep them from knowing I'm on but not play at all.
  6. AFAIK, you can still see where people on your block list are. At least, I still see where people on my blocklist are, and I'm sure I'm not on ANY list of theirs; I blocked them for team chat obnoxiousness in WvW. Regardless, perhaps the simplest solution is just to allow you to right click on anyone on your followers list and force them to stop following you, with them not being able to add you back on until you toggle the "block" off again. Minimal change to the system, doesn't take anything at all away from the good parts of it, and yet it takes care of the single biggest problem.
  7. Not only is the cape awesome in detail, a great "classic" look that, at least in my opinion, can be used by all classes well, but extra, extra πŸ’–and 🍻 for making all three variations free to apply. That is just downright AWESOME of you, Anet!!!
  8. To look like a kitten: Cat-Ear Hood Skin - Guild Wars 2 Wiki (GW2W) Furrocious Cat Ears - Guild Wars 2 Wiki (GW2W) 😁 PS: To answer your question seriously, I personally find it about half and half between gemstore and in-game. Both have really awesome skins; both have things I could just as soon do without. A lot depends on your tastes, though.
  9. Hm, that's very interesting. Indeed I do not see top earners getting tips; the people who get tips and gifts here are often those making the least doing difficult jobs, and in that light, offering a tip is a way of saying "I really appreciate the job you are doing and think it's worth a lot more than you're getting paid." Especially since almost all jobs where you are expected to get tips deliberately pay less, accounting for tips; so by NOT tipping, you are literally lowering their pay. Of course, that's the opposite end of the same coin, and I can completely see how that can be seen as in
  10. I'm not really sure what you're even arguing, anymore, so I'll just let this drop with the agreement that the Lab system could be greatly improved next year with the inclusion of the option for squads to open their own instances, ala Wintersday.
  11. Being an American who has never had the opportunity to go to Europe... why is it awful? Do you mind explaining? When you say you don't want it in your culture, does that mean that you'd be offended if someone sent you a tip to thank you for something or would you just return it? I mean, as Gibson wrote earlier in the thread, I'd hate to offend someone, and there's no way to know in-game where someone's from.
  12. No, I was quite serious. Severe motion sickness means that I literally CAN'T do almost all JPs. That said, I don't bother with the daily unless I've never gotten it before, or need it for something (like a collection achievement or some such). For that matter, I don't bother with any JP unless there's a port and I actually need it for some reason.
  13. For what it's worth, I haven't had any problem since the patch, so I'm hopeful that, however large and however they had to do it, at least that's fixed now!
  14. I'm guessing it's specifically the fix for this "just music" crash issue. Or a workaround for whatever hardware issue they were having they mentioned that prevented them rolling out the fix. πŸ’– for the fix and getting it to us!!
  15. I play a Scourge MM for WvW and most group content where I have to be sure of pulling my weight, and I swear by it as well. Reaper MM works OK, especially in PVE, but Scourge does a better job managing mobs. I use staff, with a backup axe/torch; staff for distance mob control, and the higher damage axe/torch for when something gets too close, and it works well for me.
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