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Mechanist: First Impression Likes & Dislike


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  • The name "Mechanist" is perfect. In contrast to the name "Untamed"...
    • ...the name "Mechanist" is relatable to the term "Mechanic" but with that "-ist" twist at the end to add a high fantasy flair.
    • ...the name is intuitive. Without knowing anything about the spec, you can assume it has something to due with machines or mechs.
    • ...the name is a title for a person rather than an awkward adjective. Saying "I'm a Mechanist" feels right, while saying "I'm an Untamed" feels wrong.
  • The mech is surprisingly beautiful. The floaty segments are reminiscent of asuran golems, but the stylized gold plating and silhouette with organic curves rather than geometric angles and perfectly circular edges reminds me of Queen Jennah's constructs. This is Canthan human jade tech afterall, so the attention to detail to make a human-stylized golem called a "mech" rather than a "golem" is much appreciated. Additionally, Holosmith always felt like Asuran holograph technology (yes, even though the Photon Forge is powered by human Zephyrite/Glint crystals) with SAB-looking weapons conjured in the Photon Forge, and Scrapper always felt like Charr tech since gyros look like Charr-copters and Charr already have a class of junk-tech scavengers called Scrappers. I appreciate that the Mechanist feels like a Human tech spec without looking like obsolete tech on an Asuran character.
  • The community speculated that this spec would either (A) wear a full or partial jade tech battle suit or (B) summon golems. I'm happy to see that the mech feels a little bit like both - summoning one big construct. Core Engineer turrets and Scrapper gyros already capture the fantasy of summoning multiple smaller constructs. The Mechanist feels distinct in specializing in summoning one big construct.
  • It was revealed on MassivelyOP that the Mechanist will learn to use signets. Signets represent lesser magical capacity. The mech itself represents technologically utilizing magical jade. Signets are perfect for portraying that the Mechanist is THE magical engineer spec.
    • Some players may feel that the Holosmith is another magical tech spec, but (A) everything in Tyria (like transforming elixirs and guns that can shoot more than one type of element/bullet) has a baseline magical aspect to it and (B) it feels more mechanical with its overheating mechanic and existing holograph tech in the Dragon Bash festival, SAB, and various Asuran tech. 
    • Cantrips also represent lesser magic. But signets, being inscribed rings, feel more physical and crafted which in turn feels more appropriate for the Engineer than cantrips. Also, aside from Revenant who has unconventional skills 6-10, Engineer has been the only profession unable to use signets for the longest time, and it feels good to have Engineer join the signet club.



  • Mace is a great weapon for Engineer, but I would prefer if Mace was added to core Engineer rather than an Engineer elite spec.
    • The Mace looks too similar to wielding the wrench/spanner in the tool kit. There is even an existing mace skin in the game, called the Fixer Upper, that is a wrench. Engineers in many other games (Warhammer fantasy, Overwatch, etc.) use maces like a wrench/spanner/hammer to repair turrets. I would prefer if the tool kit was replaced with a new type of kit (for example, a battery-powered electrified crossbow or stun-gun equipped with electrified ammo, pegs to form electric fences/tripwires, lightning rods, etc.), and then aspects of the tool kit were repurposed into the mace skills. Tool kit is also awkward because it is a utility skill that relies on other utility skills. If you equip tool kit but you do not equip turrets, then you will miss out on its purpose/niche of repairing turrets. Imo, it feels better to have weapon-utility skill reliance (like Necromancer staff blood mark healing minions or Elementalist water staff skills healing elemental minions) than utility-utility skill reliance.
    • If there is ever a 4th wave of elite specs and the 4th Engineer elite spec learns to use an off-hand weapon (for example, dredge tech warhorn), then this elite spec will have no choice in their main hand weapon, being stuck with pistol, when using the new off-hand weapon. It is good for core professions to have at least 2 main hand weapons and 2 off-hand weapons to give players some sense of choice and customization.
    • What weapons could replace mace for the Mechanist? (A) Torch: To control the mech similarly to airport staff with glow sticks who guide airplanes; (B) Axe: With magnetic capabilities to boomerang back to the Mechanist and/or stick to the target and allow the Mechanist to magnetically leap to or pull the target; (C) Focus: Magically tied to the mech
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