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Help Me Select a Main Profession

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Hello all, I've been playing the game for around three weeks and have levelled a Necromancer and Revenant to 80, I've primarily focused on PvE and world completion with my revenant and have been enjoying it so far specifically using mace/axe and short-bow condi renegade.


Now, I've set my sites on the Warbringer legendary back as I think it looks amazing. Sadly when I enter PvP I'm struggling really badly, I'm not expecting to be a god as of course I'm new, I udnerstand the concept of dodging, watching my opponent and reacting accordingly but I feel my profession doesn't seem to pump the damage out that I'm receiving, even in 1v1's and its discouraged me from using my revenant in WvW, I specifically hate using the hammer as it feels extremely slow and clunky to me and I just don't enjoy it.


I've noticed on meta battle that all of the builds seem to be focused around support play and I don't want to play the role of support. I don't find it fun at all, micro-managing buffs for others isn't something I'm very good at and its not something I want to get good at.


I like to have a main character that I can sink my time in to when playing games and my primary focus has always been my own survivability and damage dealing. I have a preference for melee combat  and aesthetics are a HUGE thing for me, the Heavy Armor type is what drawn me to the revenant in the first place. Now, when I look around it seems that all of the Heavy professions seem to be support roles only, well, according to the recommended builds on MetaBattle anyways. 


I have crafted a full set of Celestial Armor/Trinkets and Mace/Axe and Shortbow on this char so far and I'm using Runes of Tormenting with it.


I guess what I'm looking to ask, is; Can anyone recommend a Heavy profession where I can just focus on my own damage and survivability in all content types instead of having to worry about supporting others? Should I stick with my Revenant or would Warrior/Guardian be a better fit for me?


Thanks for the time.

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I don't have specific feedback other than I know I've been wrecked by condi rens in WvW and if you're a fully maxed renegade you should be pretty strong with that setup. Alternatively, Trailblazer's may be even stronger, granted your damage will be exclusively condi, so if you're up against a class with a lot of cleanses, you'll struggle roaming. 

gw2 mists is an alternative site for WvW, keep in mind WvW builds are really silo'd. There's builds that are better for roaming (fighting another player 1v1) and builds that are good for raiding (taking out other groups in a group). You'll probably want 1 of each on that char. Your setup sounds fine for roaming, trailblazer's will make it stronger. In raid you wouldn't be bad per se, you just wouldn't have a lot of AOE which is what matters. Though you may be good at focusing key targets. 

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