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Tone down Untamed's visual effects, please!


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The swirling green clouds are visually interesting...and overwhelming. It gets to a point where I can't actually see the enemies I'm fighting. This is just with swinging a hammer around - the green mist/fog/stink cloud (...that is what it looks like, sorry) is so dense that it actually blocks the enemies and whatever AoE they're doing from view. Commanding my pet to release vines or spores, or using Untamed utility skills, is even worse: now there's bright flashes of light along with the vision-obscuring green mist. Please tone it down. Maybe make the fog less dense?

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Just now, Zenith.7301 said:

Feel free to ask for a setting to mute VFX from yourself and others like FFXIV does.


Not all of us want to play a drab looking game.

That would also be great. But I, and many others, have been asking for a setting like that for years...

In any case, all I'm asking is that the visuals are just toned down a little - not removed entirely. A cloud of green mist around effects? Nice! That same cloud of green mist is so dense I can't see enemies in it? Not so nice.

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