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  1. 37k DPS parse as a spec with very little utility and CC is pretty mediocre, but at least it's not trash tier like Reaper. I think the single dodge will be a problem on some encounters.
  2. They can't even be bothered to give some EOD elite spec actual animations and you think they will revamp old necro ones?
  3. Shiro is undertuned garbage in all content, not just PvP. The entirety of revenant's core power weapons and legends are overnerfed.
  4. Phantasms don't just need to be utility skills. They can be nukes with side utility. Considering many of them have longer cd's than shatters, they should be hitting harder than a mindwrack.
  5. Should be 60 sec cd considering the passive is totally worthless in PvE.
  6. It does when the sources and cd of stealth far outstrip the skills to reveal it.
  7. Repeating that current Vindicator animations are not remotely acceptable. We expect from a new expansion for some effort to be put into producing new animations and visual effects for the specs. Vindicator seems like a class in alpha stage design from a VFX perspective. We expect some interaction between the Vindicator skills and greatsword legendaries. Currently, there are none either.
  8. FFXIV may have a single class, but its PvE rotational depth and encounter design and optimization are so much more advanced than what GW2 currently has, so your point is kind of moot. A dragoon in FFXIV has a 30 skill sequence rotation. Not even condi renegade in its best optimized would match that level of complexity. FFXIV also has a working healer system, with damage triage, as well as a tank system to balance too. In GW2 healing is so utterly unskilled and simplistic, as is tanking in the few encounters where it happens is no better. So to claim that GW2
  9. You have to wonder how there is such a drastic gap in visual and animation quality between scourge and its shades and Harbinger and its pitifully nonexistent VFX for both elixirs and Blight. The mainhand pistol could use some spicing up.
  10. Herald should be the proper support healer spec with Ventari. Unfortunately, Renegade does everything better, Ventari as a core legend and traitline suck really bad, especially the pitiful amount of alacrity it provides, and the only thing Herald does better than support rene is Fury uptime, as renegade provides better might, alacrity, protection uptimes on top of the really strong group heals and condi damage mitigation in the Kalla Heal. They really need to give back Ventari traitline the regen on tablet pulse and scrap the worthless orbs gimmick that do nothing.
  11. Ele hammer and ranger hammer are perfectly suitable, as is thief scepter, considering they use shadow arts. Virtuoso dagger is just lame because daggers generally require symmetry with an offhand to look good, and the swinging animation for its attacks as a ranged weapon look so unbelievably stupid. At least greatsword was given appropriate animations as a ranged take on the weapon. With daggers they were just lazy. If you telekinetically swung around your dagger to create spells and effects, it would look a ton better. But you'll notice with man
  12. Vindicators offers virtually zero utility, zero CC, and you want it to be a mediocre DPS spec while DH and Soulbeast both push 37k+ DPS with significantly more utility. Hell, condi renegade offers more utility as well. Even with realistic numbers Catalyst is pushing significantly higher output than vindicator, with the luxury of better range flexibility for priority adds in encounters, and it has the fallback of the highest DPS quickness provider build on top...
  13. An asinine nerf to sand flare that only nerfed its already abysmal use in support scourge while changing none of what makes condi DPS scourge strong. Abrasive Gift as a trait isn't enough to make support scourge take Sand Flare over Well of Blood, and condi scourge is taking Signet of Vampirism or the minion heal for far better sustained healing as well now. In a fell swoop they nerfed Sand Flare out of existence. What they should have done instead was reduce the base barrier shared by Sandflare but increase its healing power scaling. Meanwhile Epidemic, the true r
  14. Putting modifiers on core traitlines doesn't help reaper if the competing elite specs it's up against also benefit from it. Reaper is supposed to be the power DPS elite spec, and it currently fails really badly at it in raids. It is eclipsed by scourge in every way, and now will be eclipsed by Harbinger as well. And that's just intraclass balance. When compared against other classes, it's actually in a worse state than power revenant, and that's hard to beat. Nightfall is ineffective as a boon corruptions compared to feast of corruption. For one, much longer
  15. REAPER DOES NOT HAVE HIGHER SUSTAIN IN ORGANIZED PVE. REAPER DOES NOT HAVE HIGHER SUSTAIN IN ORGANIZED PVE. Repeat with me, so this garbage mantra can die in the trash bin of falsehood it belongs to. Reaper cannot received healing while in shroud. Reaper has less access to blocks and vigor, aegis, or stability than other classes. Reaper has less dodges as a result of zero vigor. Reaper damage rotation relies on reaper shroud for a large portion of its damage, using reaper shroud to mitigate damage completely guts your damage output because i
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