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Waiting for a response...


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Trying my best in english here, I hope be undertandable.


I know my feel isn't equal for every ele or every player. I don't like multi play with multiple toons; I don't think that's a good feel, a good way to play for me. What I really do, instead, is multi builds. So, when I think about elementalists...


I cannot do ANY support role. Supposed Catalyst will deal with that? Just if they remove energy problem and a possible way to move sphere location and keep might, quickness, fury, protection (cause do not have aegis) and heal a lot; thats the only way to be viable instead a Firebrand. Or else, just stay with a Firebrand. Tempests have heals; that's it.


If I'm in dps role, we really have some viability. But - again - almost every profession can do better. I know this isn't just an elementalist issue nowadays but I'm talking for myself, so... I'm really sad how the doors are keeping close to elementalists. I don't think is a good reason to say we have a new expansion on the horizon, cause we have two elits and basically they doesn't have a real identity for role (except duels for weaver, which a think is real viable build now).


I have keeping my hope on Anet team for 4 years (I play since 2012), after so many nerfs. They doesn't make any significant change to keep elementalists viable for high end pve. REALLY viable; not as an underlay. After Catalyst beta my hope just gone! I know, I know: still a beta profession. And I understand that, everything can change. But what about tempest? What about weaver? What about scepter? What about staff? What you are doing to elementalists and what do you spect for us who play with them? In my case, ONLY as elementalist?


So, I'm here to ask two questions to ANet team:


First: You really read elementalist topics? If yes, just say yes, please. That's enough. Because, at least to me, your silence act like a "we keep elementalists in the game because we cannot remove them anymore".


Second: IF - someone from ANet - really read this, there are any plan to make elementalist (core, tempest and weaver) viable with staff and scepter or will you just throw us in the middle of the battle where we need to stay healing and healing and evading and healing just waiting to die? Again, I know there are some builds. I just play as ele, remember? So I have 11 builds, today, to use in gamemode variation. They are viable in an elementalist view. But if you put another profession on equation everything will be transformed into "I'm useless in comparison with that, not a viable group option".


I really would like to see an ANet response for us (elementalists and of course every profession too) to what they have in mind. If I can give an suggestion, I don't think I'm so expert to say that, but I would remove the possibility to a same core or spec to give to many support resources at once (like Firebrands), that should help give presence to 27 variations of professions (I'm including cores here, so 36 with EoD); I would try to review PvE high end survavability too, to have a equalized DPS output for real, not in a golem projection only.

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They keep failing balancing game properly ... so they do living story, skins, expansion and even working on ALLIANCES !!! instead of getting their balancing done .. they are UNABLE to do it .. so  .. welcome to cheese wars 2 2021 .. it will stay this stay this way for the rest of the game i think `shrug*

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